Tuesday, September 21, 2010

missing in action

A few weeks ago I mentioned here I had things put into perspective.
And obviously I am short sighted because I had to have them put back into perspective again yesterday.

To make my long story shorter...
J-man has a minor heart defect.  He is healthy and strong and this is something that most likely will not affect him or will heal on it's own.  However, hearing the news something might be wrong with your little baby shakes things up.
So, I may be missing in action {as I have been recently} trying to rest, spending time with the little people, going to doctor's visits, doing minimal cleaning to keep the house from being reported to the health department, etc.

Yesterday before I found out the news about the heart defect I trying to convince J-man he was ready to go to sleep, and I saw a red bird outside. I haven't seen one since winter I guess.  It was my reminder that everything's gonna be alright.

So until we blog again...peace.

{I have a thing for red birds. It's a long story and not so easy to explain, but whenever I have needed reminding that I have a purpose, that I am loved, that everything is going to be alright...I see a red bird...and when I am with my husband we will see two. It is something special just for me.}