Wednesday, September 8, 2010

this little piggy...

...likes to save money.

I search for coupons, use rewards programs,
and take advantage of free shipping or special offers as often as possible.

[photo by s2photo]

Did you know: 
Target ] offers coupons for clothing and accessories?
This week there are coupons off Merona dresses and purses.

Stonyfield ] Yogurt offers a rewards program? 
Last month I cashed in my rewards for $10 worth of 
Seventh Generation cleaning products & they arrived in a week.

Michaels ] has weekly deals & sends coupons to you via email - like up to 75% off?
I buy all my supplies on sale or with coupons.

[ Snapfish ] offers discounts all the time?
They have free shipping through Sept. 11 & 120 prints for $10 through Sept. 13. 

[ ] has coupons for tons of name brand items?
From diapers to coffee (two things I use a lot of) you can save a good bit.

This little piggy wants to save as much as possible - what sites do you use to save? 


  1. Oh man, we sound like to peas in a pod! ;) I'm a fan of, as awesome deals are posted throughout the day!

  2. Staples sends out great deals weekly via email, too. Great for office supplies!

  3. no i DIDN'T know that about target. hmmmm...

  4. How do I get these Target coupons you speak of?


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