Friday, November 5, 2010

lucky me, lucky you

It was fun reading the answers to each question & here are my answers:

My most memorable piece of mail - every year my grandma sends us a package from Hawaii filled with goodies and Christmas gifts. I always look forward to those goodies.

My most memorable experience involving art - my freshman year in college. I took art history and fell in forward a few years and it was when I visited my late aunt's home (she was an artist) and I saw (for the first time as an adult) this amazing painting she did. Wow. I hope one day I can have that painting in my home.

My favorite dessert. CHEESECAKE.

I think you know my creative side,
but I am definitely not a DIY project kind of gal.

You know about my little ones :)

My favorite accessory - big red beads I bought at a thrift store 5 years ago. They were the beginning of my necklace obsession which was quickly brought to a halt by little boys who like to chew and drool on them!

A very big thank you to all the donating shops and
for everyone who participated in the celebration.
And a very big congratulations to the winners.

1. Good Gravy! - Mama Pea
2. Sugar Fresh - Mindy
3. Burlap + Blue - Kim [from Yellow Songbird]
4. The Art of Joy - Candice
5. Space Robot Package - Christine
6. Gussy - Rachel

Winners I will be contacting you today.
Happy Friday!