Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Operation finish-what-you-start

I am very guilty of beginning a painting and leaving it unfinished for weeks months.
I blame it on my other job - m.o.m.m.y.
I am starting Operation finish-what-you-start though.
I have two paintings with purpose to show you this week! 
VERY excited.
I have a gift for a friend, actually 3 gifts for 3 friends, to finish,
and a new project for another friend to begin.
Not to mention it is November and time to get ready for the holidays.
I won't be doing any holiday markets or shows this year - I do know when to say "no".
And hopefully I will be able to begin doing custom orders again in January.
For now, I am going to enjoy painting, every little chance I get,
and finish what I start.