Thursday, December 30, 2010

budding artist

Reason 624 not to leave pencils, colored pencils, markers, crayons, or
writing devices of any kind
in reach of a *budding artist* aka toddler.
I'm just glad he didn't make it to the canvas.


  1. Aspiring to be like mommy :] One day... when we aren't renting anymore, I want to have one wall on which the kiddos can draw/paint anything they want. That might be a dangerous precedent though.

  2. LOL :) He's trying to be like his mommy! He just didn't realize the art isn't supposed to go on the wall... Hopefully it's regular pencil and can be erased?

  3. roaring with laughter over here! LOVE:)

  4. I bet you're so proud! Your son wants to be just like you! ;) Hope you had a great 2010! It was a pleasure "meeting" you! I've greatly enjoyed your blog! Happy New Year! I look forward to what is in store in 2011!

    <3 Ashley

  5. So creative :) The first time my oldest drew on the wall, I saw it and said "what is this?!!!". His's a butterfly. Well, how could I be mad then? :)

  6. You should leave it up and hang an empty frame around it! ha.

  7. I laughed OUT LOUD at "food for thought!"


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