Saturday, January 22, 2011

730 days

2 years = 24 months = 104 weeks = 730 days

Good times Charlie, good times.
Happy Birthday to you Mr. Bub.
Love love love,

[Mr.C refers to me as "Ma", 
not mom, not mama, not mommy, but ma.]


  1. Happy birthday, big guy! Exciting times ahead! :)

    I was kind of hoping that our new little guy will have the same birthday as Mr. C!

  2. aww mine is about to be 2 also! happy day!

  3. happy birthday mr. c and congrats to you happy parents;)

  4. Such a sweetie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. C!!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Mr. C! And what a beautiful photo! P.S. My dad calls my grandma "Ma" - none of his siblings call her that, just him :)

  6. so cute. that pic is AWESOME lindsay! happy birthday to your biggest little guy! so cute he calls you 'ma'. :) precious.


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