Tuesday, January 11, 2011

color me bad

Since Mr.C is a budding artist,
and he preferred to make a BIG mess with these,
I decided to buy him some *washable* markers.

I am so glad these markers are preferred by teachers,
but they are not preferred by this mama.
Do you see the word *washable* anywhere?

Nope, I didn't think so.
I do see that these are 
"for ages three and up; it's on the box".

I also see that Mr.C decided not to color inside the lines...

And I see a little marker under his nose
and hot pink all over his hands.
Obviously I forgot to make sure I actually bought *washable* makers.
Live and learn folks. Live and learn.


  1. Lesson noted. Mr. C looks so happy! And Sweet Pea has the SAME blue striped guitar shirt!

  2. uh oh! at least he looked adorable doing so… :)
    brody lives and breathes guitars, even on his clothing.
    i think they would get along just fine ;)

  3. Haha- reminds me of when my 4 year old wrote on her legs with permanent marker:)
    I got something FABULOUS in the mail yesterday!!!!!! Thank you a million times over!!! Now I want it to be Christmas again:) :)

  4. You'd think that teachers would prefer the washable ones, huh? And nice use of a Toy Story quote :]

  5. Love this - super cute. Washable are the ONLY markers allowed around these parts. Ms Sydney gets it all over her face, not just her nosy ;)

  6. Our markers always end up all over the munchkin! Mr. C is an adorable artist!

  7. such a fun and cute post:) and i love mr. c's eye lashes:)


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