Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, Michael

It is currently 7:14 AM.
I have already cleaned the kitchen,
done 2 loads of laundry,
and danced to Michael Jackson's greatest hits.
Mind you, all by force, not choice.


  1. That sounds a lot like my day already...aside from the dancing. Hope it remains awesome :)

  2. oh i love listening to mj when i'm cleaning! hopefully you can rest some later today!!

  3. bwahahaha love it:)
    get it girl! :)gina

  4. Yeah, MJ! I listen to him during my commute when I'm really sleepy...and there's usually dancing in the car...

  5. Haha, love it :] I'm so picturing you thrillering your way through the dishes. That's right... Thriller is now a verb.

  6. You are so BAD. You're bad. You know it.

    Ha ha :) Way to make good use of time!

  7. Love it and Mama Pea made me smile as well!

    I'm gonna go stare at the Man in the Mirror now...

    (I know, not as good as Mama Pea, right?)

  8. this is GREAT! my kids and i just recently discovered how much we ALL love bustin it to Billie Jean....why is that guy so rad?! ha ha!


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