Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{sharing is caring} how I almost lost my finger

This post could have about 32 titles:
-wreath wrath
-how to make a wreath in 23 days {literally}
- {glue}gun shy
-reason #761 I am not Martha

But, I thought the loss of a finger would sum it all up {smiles}.

I found this amazing yarn wreath tutorial
usually don't never do projects. 
I mean I would love to but with babies & painting,
you know...
However, back on December 26th
my thoughts were, 
"I can do this in a week before I start painting again".
Go ahead, laugh with me.
My thoughts 23 days later are,
"Good things take time".

A few things I will share with you:
-Danielle's tutorial was great 
& she will answer any questions you have, 
just email her.
-Mr.C almost lost his life because I left the unfinished wreath within his reach and he dragged it around the living room by the skein of yarn 
(yeah it's my first time using the word "skien").
-I have fallen in love with felt. 
Be prepared to see it again and again and again.
-I dropped a piece of strawberry topping 
from a piece of cheesecake and spilled a drink on my wreath. 
A girl gets hungry being crafty.
-On the night I had 85% of the wreath wrapped 
I had a nightmare that Mr.C unraveled it entirely.
-I almost lost a finger last night when I was completing my wreath and hot gluing on the flowers 
{see scene of the accident pictured above where the glue dripped and I got burned}.
-If you burn yourself with hot glue here is how to treat it.
-Michael's has yarn on sale and a 40% off coupon this week 
so you could make this wreath for under $5; I did.

The End.


  1. I have such a love/hate relationship with my glue gun... Couldn't live without it, but I don't think I can finish a project without band aids on at least 3 fingers.

    Your wreath turned out gorgeous! I hope your finger heals quickly though.

  2. Who knew wreath-making was so adventurous?! The suspense, the danger! (haha) Your wreath looks fantastic! I like your colors. And your story! I hope your finger feels better soon :)

  3. Ahhh! The wreath looks so good! I hope you don't suffer from PTSD each time you see it. :)

  4. OH MY DEAR! Good thing it turned out adorably cute- or it would all be for nothing!!!!

  5. Glue guns ALWAYS freak me out and yarn wreaths take FOREVER to make. You get five gold stars.

  6. This is so pretty - I love it and what's true beauty without a little pain, right ;)
    (I remember childbirth a little too much!)

  7. too cute! i made pretty much the same wreath for my mom with aqua yarn. yeah, it took me a while too. pain for sure girl;)

  8. Looks great!! Now I want to try it! But I am so sorry you hurt your finger doing it! lol!

  9. OK, I adore this wreath. ADORE it. Love love love...now I want to go make one!

  10. That. Wreath. Is. STUNNING. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. that wreath is gorgeous! I made one last weekend and it was a hot mess. i mean mess! Yours is beautiful:) great job! I was roaring with laughter thinking about mr. c taking the yarn and unraveling it. I would scream too because it takes FOREVER to do! At least it did for me.

    AND-I would burn my hand all the time with the glue gun until I had to buy another one-this time low temp. It is still a hot glue gun but not scalding. Oh me oh my those things will send you screaming through the roof tops and I am the clumsiest so...i will stop rambling.

  12. Okay, first of all, you are too funny. This post had me all giggly. Second, I LOVE the way your wreath turned out! I have really, really been wanting to make this wreath. Maybe you could just make another and send it to me. How does that sound? :)


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