Tuesday, March 29, 2011

love x 4

So, these are Jack's 7 1/2 month and Charlie's 26 1/2 month photos.
Clearly we didn't schedule the 6 month/2 year photo session.
Thankfully, my awesome friend Kim quit her day job and does photography full time,
and she can work her magic any day of the week.
Namely a Thursday evening, say 4:30 PM...leading into the witching hour.
{What were we thinking?}

Jack is wearing hand-me-downs from Charlie 
with some sweet paper air plane leg warmers from B3.
Charlie is sporting his $2.50 purple Chuck's.
I have on the same sweater I wore in my maternity pics 
and Mr.Wonderful's jeans have a hole in the knee.
None of this matters because we are family. The four of us. Team Hopkins.

And we did get a REALLY great shot.

I love Kim and what she does.
Heart of gold folks.
And she travels...so she can come to you.


  1. You guys are beautiful! Our photo sessions are always crazy as well - but that's what makes them great! Human!

  2. so precious...thanks for including the candid ones...they show the most personality! love the sun light too :)

  3. So cute! I love how the color pops! The boys are just adorable :)

  4. Beautiful! I like that the house is in the background. It's Team Hopkins on their home field. I also like the funny pics - especially the one where Mr. C is attempting to escape and the look on your face as you try to prevent it. Also BabyJ is adorable, I like his fuzzy spiky hair. Your boys are so cute!

  5. if that is your house in the background then how beautiful! you guys are a sweet, lovely family.

  6. These photos are precious! I especially love your house in the background- so sweet! :)

  7. really cute pics! :) and i do love your outfit choices! and as others have said - that your house is in the background. what an awesome idea!

  8. These are great pictures! She did a great job! Your family is so precious. :-)

  9. these are so great. I love them all, including the outtakes!

    beautiful family!!

  10. Awh - you got some great pictures! Love the posed and candid ones :) Your boys are so sweet!

  11. Super cute photos! Cannot believe there's actually a pic of everyone looking at the camera at the same time - very impressive!! :)

  12. I love these shots. I love that they are real, and candid...and oh so cute. You have a beautiful family!

  13. These are great! You really did get the perfect one there at the end. Beautiful family!


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