Tuesday, March 29, 2011

love x 4

So, these are Jack's 7 1/2 month and Charlie's 26 1/2 month photos.
Clearly we didn't schedule the 6 month/2 year photo session.
Thankfully, my awesome friend Kim quit her day job and does photography full time,
and she can work her magic any day of the week.
Namely a Thursday evening, say 4:30 PM...leading into the witching hour.
{What were we thinking?}

Jack is wearing hand-me-downs from Charlie 
with some sweet paper air plane leg warmers from B3.
Charlie is sporting his $2.50 purple Chuck's.
I have on the same sweater I wore in my maternity pics 
and Mr.Wonderful's jeans have a hole in the knee.
None of this matters because we are family. The four of us. Team Hopkins.

And we did get a REALLY great shot.

I love Kim and what she does.
Heart of gold folks.
And she travels...so she can come to you.