Saturday, March 19, 2011

more things you didn't know & { Saturday Snapshot }

{me and Rainbow Brite probably when I was in Kindergarten}

and let's pick up where we left off

11. I have never been to Europe, but really want to.
12. I can do a mean impression of Deebo (one of my better qualities - wink).
13. I laugh fairly loud, okay really loud.
14. I refused to wear my glasses the whole summer of 7th grade so my parents would by me contacts.
15. I have zip-lined over the rain forest in Costa Rica (and almost fainted b/c I was so scared).
16. I developed a fear of heights in college (see above).
17. I don't really have a favorite color, I like them all, well most of them.
18. I own every episode of Friends on DVD, but watch re-runs on TV.
19. I always eat my fortune cookie, and Mr.Wonderful's too.
20. I chipped one of my teeth jumping on the trampoline. 

Okay, it's your turn.
What's another thing I don't know about you?

{PS, this is for you Lauren}