Saturday, March 19, 2011

more things you didn't know & { Saturday Snapshot }

{me and Rainbow Brite probably when I was in Kindergarten}

and let's pick up where we left off

11. I have never been to Europe, but really want to.
12. I can do a mean impression of Deebo (one of my better qualities - wink).
13. I laugh fairly loud, okay really loud.
14. I refused to wear my glasses the whole summer of 7th grade so my parents would by me contacts.
15. I have zip-lined over the rain forest in Costa Rica (and almost fainted b/c I was so scared).
16. I developed a fear of heights in college (see above).
17. I don't really have a favorite color, I like them all, well most of them.
18. I own every episode of Friends on DVD, but watch re-runs on TV.
19. I always eat my fortune cookie, and Mr.Wonderful's too.
20. I chipped one of my teeth jumping on the trampoline. 

Okay, it's your turn.
What's another thing I don't know about you?

{PS, this is for you Lauren}


  1. oh, I looooved my rainbow brite doll! Thanks for the flashback :)

  2. yay for rainbow brite and facts about you:)

  3. oh, we look so much alike when we were kids. i have a picture of myself and we could be sisters! next week i'll use it as my saturday snapshot so you can see! you'll have to tell me if you agree! because of course, we're both so cute ;-)

  4. I think you, thetwisteddruffle, and I were triplets separated at birth.
    hmmm something random about me : if I didn't have a schedule to follow I would stay up until 5 each morning and sleep till noon. that is what my body clock seems to think is normal.

  5. So fun! I loved Rainbow Bright! I dropped hints for months one fall until she appeared at Christmas. ;-)

  6. I loved Rainbow Brite as a kid! Let's see...I am a Friends junkie and watch all the re-runs, but don't have the DVD's :( I too laugh very loudly :) I am super-klutzy, but am not the slightest bit embarassed about it.

  7. In 7th grade, I got glasses and hated them. I wore them only at my house. I took them off for school and hid them in my backpack. I only got caught because I didn't make the softball team and my mom asked why and the coach said it was like I just couldn't see the ball.

    Go figure. ;)

  8. We own all of Friends too and also zip lined in Costa Rica on our honeymoon;0. Neat! Oh, and I want to go to Europe SOO bad!!

  9. i totally loved rainbow bright as a kid!! what a cute picture! hmmm....what can i tell you about me. i zip lined in the woods at a youth event (my husband and i were the leaders) and i thought i was going to have to climb back down because i was so so afraid waaaaaay up there. but my pride sent me on my way and it was super fun!!!

  10. So fun! Love the photo with Rainbow Brite. I was more of a Strawberry Shortcake girl :)

  11. Look at how cute you are. You haven't changed a bit ;)

  12. Rainbow Brite was totally awesome. My sister had the same doll. I had Shy Violet, Rainbow Brite's friend, dressed all in purple. Oh and I also had Rainbow Brite rollerskates, they were awesome too.

  13. Just getting around to catching up on this weekend's blog posts, so late! Anyway, I totally own all the Friends DVD's too. And DVR them on the TV anyway. :)


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