Thursday, March 31, 2011

speaking of 29 on 31 {read me}

It's today! I am 29. I have 364 days until I turn 30.
Who's counting?
Seriously, I have no problem with it. I embrace my age. Hahaha... we will see if I say that in 364 days.

[ we partied like mama was turning 29 ]

Speaking of numbers.
Number 75 raise your hand. 
ELLEN, you won the Come and Knock giveaway. Oh yeah! 
I will email you today so you can order your beautiful yellow wreath.

Speaking of wreaths.
No, it's not finished.
I worked on it once since we last talked about it.
The yarn kept knotting up.
I will post pictures though, trust me, it will be EPIC when I finish it.

Speaking of EPIC.
Really? Epic Underwear Sale. Don't want to miss that one.

Speaking of things you don't want to miss.
The last Birthday Month Giveaway.
Should I post it here?
Nah, I'll make you come back for more.

[ I like to think I am good at seg-ways. ]


  1. you are so darn cute! hope you had a fabulous birthday. and 30 is not so bad....neither are the ones after that:))))

  2. lol... an epic underwear sale. people in GA really need some more excitement in their lives. Like a trip to the varsity... that would be epic.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Best birthday post EVA, it was totally EPIC even though pretty sure not as EPIC as that underwear sale. Happy birthday friend...


  4. HAAAAAAPPPPPPPYYYYY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND. so thankful the Lord brought you into my life!! i love you! MEET YOU in 8 DAYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

  5. the happiest birthday to you Lindsay!!! Did you know we're the same age friend?!? It's a great age to be ;)

  6. Happy Birthday, Lindsay! Love that underwear sale sign :)

  7. I know I already told you once, but Happy, Happy Birthday! Love you :) I hope you have a really fantastic day.

  8. Happy, happy birthday, Lindsay!! Hope your day is just wonderful. :)

  9. happy happy birthday hun!!! :) go enjoy cake, ice cream and cupcakes!! :)

  10. Happy birthday! Exciting times ahead you young thing!

  11. Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is extra special :) And how cute is your little guy with a face full of cake!

  12. Happy Birthday! I hope it's a fabulous one!
    PS - Get over to my blog and check out the Tea Collection giveaway, what a nice birthday treat that would be!

  13. happy birthday!!!
    that epic underwear sale sign is AWESOME.

  14. happy birthday to you! hope it's a great one!!! just found your blog through aPearantly sew! xoxo

  15. happy happy birthday TO you!!! I will be 28 in less than two weeks and I too am thinking about 30 and actually think the decade of the 30's could be my best decade yet! It's all what we make of it right;0. I hope it was a fantastic day because you deserve that!

  16. LOVE that pic of mr.C!!!! cute PICS. including the epic underwear sale. are there really any OTHER kinds of underwear sales? ;) HAPPY {belated as far as wishing you on your blog is concerned} BIRTHDAY!


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