Thursday, March 31, 2011

speaking of 29 on 31 {read me}

It's today! I am 29. I have 364 days until I turn 30.
Who's counting?
Seriously, I have no problem with it. I embrace my age. Hahaha... we will see if I say that in 364 days.

[ we partied like mama was turning 29 ]

Speaking of numbers.
Number 75 raise your hand. 
ELLEN, you won the Come and Knock giveaway. Oh yeah! 
I will email you today so you can order your beautiful yellow wreath.

Speaking of wreaths.
No, it's not finished.
I worked on it once since we last talked about it.
The yarn kept knotting up.
I will post pictures though, trust me, it will be EPIC when I finish it.

Speaking of EPIC.
Really? Epic Underwear Sale. Don't want to miss that one.

Speaking of things you don't want to miss.
The last Birthday Month Giveaway.
Should I post it here?
Nah, I'll make you come back for more.

[ I like to think I am good at seg-ways. ]