Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bicycle memories:
-my first bicycle {a beloved hand-me-down from my neighbor} and had a huge banana seat and my parents painted it and made it look so pretty for me
-going with Mr.Wonderful on long bike rides down 30-A and in St. Augustine, just before I found out I was pregnant with Mr.C

Raise your hand if you want to go ride a bike!

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  1. ummm...raising hand!!!!
    this weather totally makes me want to hop on a bike, kids in tow and take off with the wind in my hair. but i have neither a bike or a way to tow the kids so i will just sit and admire all the lovely things you have posted and day dream about bike riding:))))


  2. Me, me!! I want to go on a bike ride too! Those are all such lovely finds! I need that bike bag :)

  3. That bag is uh-mazing, and thanks for sharing my print. :) Did ya'll used to live near St. Augustine? That was about the half-way point between FSU and home, so we used to always stop there for our leg-stretching when we'd go home for holidays- fun memories :)

  4. I want it to be warm enough to ride a bike! I'll raise my hand for that!

  5. Very cute. And this reminds me that I have 2 bike cozies I could get in my shop if I would just finish them!

    I need a bike and am thinking about getting one so I can ride to/from my house & the train to work each day, now that the weather is slowly improving.

  6. i love this post! i've been in total bike loving mode myself!! my sisters and i totally shared a banana seat bike! it was the best for two riders!! good times!!

  7. bicycles are totally new obsession. i'm looking for a new bike (a belated birthday present from the hubs now that it's warm!), and i totally want a cute little beach cruiser with a basket, etc, but considering we don't live anywhere near a beach, not sure how practical that is. ;)


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