Friday, April 15, 2011

for Brett

[ paintings for Brett,
Brett waiting to play catch,
Brett's math homework with "scoreboard" numbers ]

These are in honor of Brett and his love of baseball.
Rachel shared her story today on Handmade with Purpose.


  1. thanks lindsay!!!!!!! :) i didn't include the photo of brett's homework in my guest post! so for everyone else: sometimes just for fun he does his math homework in true sports fan fashion - with scoreboard numbers. SO FUNNY. SO BRETT. SO PERFECT that lindsay's art included a scoreboard. :)

  2. Lindsay, these are so awesome! What a great cause & what beautiful painting to help support it!

  3. Read the post and it's so very inspiring that you are painting these for him! They turned out great!

  4. so much fun!!! if i ever have boys ;)

  5. you know i'm digging the baseball theme! your painting is fantastic...i can only hope for a little boy or two my own!
    thanks for sharing this inspiring story :)


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