Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mission *Funfetti*

This post is primarily for Amy, Alison, Joy and Lisa.
My Instagram ladies who have been keeping up with Mission *Funfetti*.

For those who bake only from *scratch*, are pastry chefs, or are avoiding sugar
please avert your eyes.

Yesterday was Mission *Funfetti*.
It was supposed Saturday, but this weekend happened.
When I went to bake the cupcakes on Monday 
I realized I had to cook something else, delaying the mission. Again.
Then as I was about to open the box yesterday I realized I didn't have enough eggs.
Thankfully, my neighbor 
(aka my mother-who-keeps-stock-in-eggs-and-only-makes-the-best-cupcakes-in-the-world) 
had some. Thanks Mama.

*Whew* Crisis averted. Almost.
As I went to open the frosting, ready to experience the goodness that is Funfetti, I realize there were no little bits of colorful candy deliciousness. It was just plain vanilla frosting.

I had no idea there was a difference in Vanilla Funfetti Frosting 
and Creamy Supreme Funfetti Vanilla Frosting.
{Big dramatic sigh.} At least Mr.Wonderful had never had these so he didn't know what he was missing.
Oh, and I ran out of sprinkles.

Despite the drama and delays the cupcakes were enjoyed.
Mr.Wonderful said they were "gooooooooooood" and left me with this:
"It was a fantastic foray into Funfetti fun." 
Yes you can laugh. Yes he is an English Major.

Someone please help me if I am ever responsible for making cupcakes again.


  1. Ok, first it was the brownie cupcake thing with the oreo in it, now it's these thangs. I think the next thing needs to be something low fat and "healthy" bc everytime I see food here it makes me want to make it and EAT it. And I don't mean just one.......... I MEAN ALL OF THEM!
    K. Bye.

  2. Yay!! They look delicious!! So glad he liked them (how could he not?!). Love the last series of pictures - great job Lindsay!

  3. UM... What the hell is funfetti frosting WITHOUT BITS? Why is it even marketed that way?
    I love that your hubs is a nerd. I also love that he appreciates the deliciousness that is funfetti. Mine only likes chocolate cake, yep. No fun in his fetti. Boo!

  4. i'm confused myself & will have to check out the "funfetti" section at the grocery store. don't they all come with the little clear plastic container on top of the lid with sprinkles? did you get a kind that got detached?

  5. Yummy! And I like your husband's English major neediness. ;)

  6. You rock, girl! I'll have to try this deliciousness... well, to be honest, I'll have to forward this post to my hubs and try to get him to make it for me :)

  7. I'm assuming some of these are headed my way?

  8. the best cupcakes are ones you must wait for:)
    ps-these make my mouth water. thanks.

  9. dude, you're totally missing out! you MUST get rainbow chip frosting instead of the funfetti frosting. it's the best frosting in the world.


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