Monday, April 4, 2011

up, up & away

Holy hot air balloons is it busy around these parts.
{no there is no such thing as a holy or holey hot air balloon...
that wouldn't float}

BUT there is such a thing as the best of both worlds {^see above}
Is it a painting? Is it a print?
WELL, it's kind of both... It is a hand painted canvas panel.
You get the hand painted-ness on a thin panel you can frame.
I love it, especially in a bright, fun frame.
You can find it in the shop along with some other new paintings and cards.

Also, this painting/print/whatever-you-want-to-call-it 
is one of my Handmade With Purpose items.

I have yet to do my post sharing about the charities I chose...
it's coming though.
I have just been, ummmm, busy.

Now, I have to go, Mr.C is up from his nap, 
Jack has army-crawled into the closet,
and I have to finish an over-due painting someone has been ever so patiently waiting for.

Oh, PS, are you blogging barefoot tomorrow? I am.