Thursday, April 14, 2011

yes and yes

Friends are people who tell you when you have something on your lip (a little to the left).
-awesome napkins Amy gave us

If you haven't read her post, well you should, and Amy's too 
(just don't look at the bad pictures). 
It tells you everything about MEET UP 2011 and 
has the inside scoop with the other ladies.

Yes, the pictures we took at the meet up were bad. Go figure. 
Three photographers + one person who knows how to use a camera 
+ no one to take pictures = no good.
Yes, I got lost, just a little.
Yes, Danielle's hair is as long as Crystal Gayle's.
Yes, I met my online friends, and hope to meet more of you in the future.

What I have to say:
Amy - quieter than I thought, probably because I was talking SO much. Cute as a button, and I love buttons. Fun as fun can be. Don't you want to come live in GA?
Emily - EXACTLY how I imagined. Funny, saucy (in a good way, can I say that?), 
big heart, I felt like I knew her even though we have only emailed 11 times.
Danielle - longer hair than I imagined (stop talking about the hair already), one of my closest friends (which I already knew, hence the trip), I love you friend. 

How was it? It was awesome.
I talked too much. I laughed a lot. I felt like I was meeting up with friends.
I was meeting up with friends.
I was myself.
I am glad I got to "meet" my friends.
Yes and yes.


  1. danielle makes me want to get a nose ring

  2. i love you friend :) OCTOBER IN NEW YORK?!

    ruthanne, get it ;)

  3. Such beautiful ladies you all are! I'm only a tiny bit jealous that you all got to meet up in person (ok, more than a tiny bit).

  4. thank you for redeeming me with a cute picture.

    had such a fun time!

  5. this group of girls looks SO FUN! I totally want in!

  6. Oh what a fun event! I would love to attend a meet-up!! Haha, it's always like that with photographers. They never remember to take pictures of fun events. I honestly have no pictures of my boyfriend and I, and he's getting a graduate photography degree!

  7. HA! FUN! awesome. :) love your recap! and danielle's hair IS gorgeous!

  8. That's so great! I hope to meet up with blog friends someday too!


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