Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mug shots

After I recently added new coffee and tea love to the shop, I had a couple people inquire about me doing a painting of their favorite cup.
Ummm, yes please.

Well, that got me thinking about my favorite cup.
Are you ready?

Robbie bought me this cup 10 years ago. I had no emotional attachment to Tigger or Winnie the Pooh. He just got it because he went to Disney and wanted to bring me something back.

Yes, it's Tigger. And I really love this cup. I drink from it almost every day.
Until today.

Enter Coral.

I bought this yesterday, and I have declared "Coral" as my new favorite coffee cup.
Isn't it pretty?
The only thing I don't like is the handle. It is like upside down.
I guess no cup can really compare to Tigger, but Coral would look much better in an "I heart coffee" painting than Tigger.

Coffee and tea lovers unite.
Do you have a favorite coffee or tea cup? Really, it makes a difference, right?


  1. I really love these paintings, Lindsay! I drink out of a cheerful yellow mug {almost} every morning, and it's probably my favorite. Maybe after I get married and settled in our new place I'll have to order one of these for our kitchen. :)

  2. hmmm, does this qualifiy us all for "princess and the pea" status? if the cup isn't the right one, it (brew of your choice) really doesn't taste right. if the pillow isn't the same, we don't sleep right. if the pen isn't the right one, the writing doesn't flow right (that is my particular strangness)...yada-yada-yada. it is so funny how we are such creatures of habit yet each created with infinite wonder and individuality by our Father!

  3. my favorite mug is a winnie the pooh mug! I have a certain soft spot for winnie so I don't mind having him in my hand every day...but I agree, the painting might not be so great :)

  4. must have the yellow one!
    i love, love,love it!

  5. I actually have 3 favorites & I rotate them. You know, so no ones feelings get hurt.

  6. So cute. I have a humping bunnies coffee cup that I picked up from a garage sale. It makes me giggle, but wouldn't be appropriate for an I heart coffee painting !

  7. my fave mug is this white starbucks mug. not because it's pretty or has sentimental value, but because it's the most ginormous one i own. and momma needs some caffeine! :)

  8. cute post. i don't drink tea or coffee but i have a favorite vintage mug i like to chill in the freezer for a cup of COLD MILK!
    yep, milk.

  9. These paintings are so cute! They make me wish I drank coffee/tea (okay, but not really, since coffee and tea are both gross).

    I've got fancy water bottles, but that is all.

  10. the paintings are gorg. and yes the cup makes the coffee SO much better.

  11. i swear grace & i have the same favorite - white starbucks "big gulp". i have 3 of them & it's the only thing i can drink out of because of the size!!! :D too funny yours is "tigger". as long as you don't own a pair of overalls with winnie & the gang peeking out of the jean pocket - i'm good with you declaring tigger as your favorite coffee cup. ;) ha p.s. LOVE that you're doing personalized coffee cups. so cute & i can tell that'll be a BIG HIT!


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