Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mug shots

After I recently added new coffee and tea love to the shop, I had a couple people inquire about me doing a painting of their favorite cup.
Ummm, yes please.

Well, that got me thinking about my favorite cup.
Are you ready?

Robbie bought me this cup 10 years ago. I had no emotional attachment to Tigger or Winnie the Pooh. He just got it because he went to Disney and wanted to bring me something back.

Yes, it's Tigger. And I really love this cup. I drink from it almost every day.
Until today.

Enter Coral.

I bought this yesterday, and I have declared "Coral" as my new favorite coffee cup.
Isn't it pretty?
The only thing I don't like is the handle. It is like upside down.
I guess no cup can really compare to Tigger, but Coral would look much better in an "I heart coffee" painting than Tigger.

Coffee and tea lovers unite.
Do you have a favorite coffee or tea cup? Really, it makes a difference, right?