Monday, May 2, 2011

My heart's in...

The first state painting I did was of Texas.
{I have never been to Texas, though I do have a few friends who live there.}
I chose Texas because I wanted to make something 
for someone who's home state meant a lot to them.
Well, let me say - God bless Texas.
Thanks to all the Texans out there who love their state.
I have made at least 15 State Love paintings of Texas!

Just recently I was honored with the chance to donate a State Love of Georgia
to a shelter here in my home state.
I created this painting for Room Service Atlanta which is renovating Nicholas House.

It has been fun to paint all the states, though Michigan, well, it has been the hardest.

 California, Connecticut, Georgia

 Florida, Indiana, Illinois

Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon

 Tennessee, Texas, and Africa.

That's 11 states down and lots more to go. 
In case you didn't know, the State Love paintings* are made-to-order. 
I can do ANY state, not just the ones I have done so far,
and I can do any country or continent. 
I'd love to paint ALL of our states...
even the rectangles like Colorado, Kansas, North Dakota and Wyoming :)

My heart is in Southwest Georgia. Where is yours?

*Well! As I finished this post both of the available listings were purchased 
SO if you are looking to order one check back in the shop later this week or next week, 
depending on the weather and how well my boys sleep.