Tuesday, June 7, 2011

go mama, go!

I have not picked up a weight (not counting a 30 lb. or 20 lb. child) probably since I found out I was pregnant with Jack... so 19 months.

I like to exercise. Really, I do. It's just a little harder when you have little people.

Sunday afternoon I decided it was time for a change. I pulled out a workout a friend had made for me 3 years ago. Hoarder? Maybe. I just happened to keep it next to my Denise Austin pregnancy workout DVD that I did all of 3 times, and it was still there.

I made the mistake of choosing to do my workout with an audience.
Jack tried to crawl on me. The. Entire. Time.
Charlie accidentally got kicked in the head (he was fine).
Robbie started cheering, "Go Mama, GO!" which Charlie quickly picked up and joined in.
So for the entire time I was attempting to do the ball pass (an already very attractive exercise) I was laughing and even snorting.

The combination of the exercises and the snorting must have worked because even two days later I am still sore.
Tomorrow's workout will be done during nap time.