Wednesday, June 1, 2011


For the past four days I have been unplugged.
It was a kick-off to summer with Mr.Wonderful home (be jealous, my husband is a school teacher, and he will be home for a few months).

It was a crazy fun family vacation away from home with lots of sand and little children off schedules.
Hi, my children think it's okay to wake up at 4 AM. Oh, and Starbucks did't open until 7 AM. SEVEN.
Obviously they didn't know my children would be up so early or they would have made an exception, right?

Memories made - Jack sitting on the edge of the shore squealing with delight as each wave came; my dad pulling Charlie around in an inflatable boat in the ocean, my husband and I staring at our tiny video monitor next to a huge 52" television that was turned off and whispering so we wouldn't wake Jack sleeping above us in the loft. 

Did you do anything special for Memorial Day weekend?

PS. Thank y'all so much for the encouraging comments about my shop anniversary! It was so nice to open up an over flowing inbox after being unplugged :)