Wednesday, July 20, 2011

having a Ball {you know what I like}

Yesterday Mr. Wonderful and I did some canning for the first time.
We used Ball jars of course.

What is it about simple, glass jars that are so appealing? Especially the vintage ones that have the glass lids?

1. {Be sure to check out Abby's work. I love it!}

Tomorrow I will share with you what we canned and the recipe. . . think limes and blueberries.



  1. I love this post. Ball jars are so pretty. I can't wait for the recipe! Which program do you use for this type of mosaic?

  2. So pretty! I just love the color & simplicity of mason jars :) The tee is really fun!

  3. L.O.V.E. Mason jars are definitely some of my favorite things. :)

  4. I know...i'm so in to the Ball jars right now. They have that simplistic pretty about them..:)

  5. I too love blue ball jars...... love love them!

  6. Can't wait to see the goods! LOVE Ball Jars - and canning, not so much but, I did manage to can some salsa last Summer and it was delish! Sweaty work though!

  7. you have furthered my obsession with jars.

  8. Oh man, I absolutely love Ball jars! I've been looking to start collecting a handful to store my ribbons, buttons, and ric rac in! :)

  9. I love Mason jars! I had always wanted blue ones, but all the ones I found were so expensive. My grandma had a collection, which has grown quite tremendously over the past few months. They are basically a staple in my wedding decor now, lol. I know have my grandmother's, some that belonged to my fiance's aunt, who I unfortunately never got to meet, and some that I bought on my own--one of which is so old that it doesn't have a zinc lid--you stick a huge cork in it instead! I'm obsessed, so I LOVED this post! :) Happy canning!


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