Tuesday, July 19, 2011

♥ I heart art ♥ Leonora Jennifer - Yellow Heart Art

Meet Leonora. The artist behind Yellow Heart Art.
She makes awesome art, passes out free printables from time to time, and is pretty-super-great.


When did you first begin creating art? 
pretty much right when I came outta the womb. Pretty sure I entered this world wearing a paint stained smock and had charcoal underneath my fingernails.

What is your favorite/most sentimental creation? Why? 
If you  mean something that someone else has given to me it would have to be my "granny square" scarf that my grandma crocheted for me. She has fought a battle with breast cancer for quite sometime now--and about 3 years ago she had to get one of her breasts removed. While recovering I tried to get her mind off of things by keeping her "creative". I went to Michaels and bought all these ballin' colors of yarn and headed over to where she was staying so she can make me the scarf. It was nice sitting on the edge of the bed with her while she just whipped up this amazing creation. Funny thing? Found basically this exact scarf in macy's the following year being sold by "Free People" for a redic amount of money. Grandma: 1 retail: 0.


Is there a project you've always dreamed of creating? 
What would it be? 
dude I want to learn how to sew in the worse.way.EVAH. Since I'm a graphic designer I have already used spoon flower (a website that does fabric printing) to get my designs printed on fabric. How uh-may-zing would it be for me to create my OWN fabric AND hand bag collection?! Dude, that would be ROCK STAR STATUS. Vera Bradley who? Try Leonora Jennifer THATS WHO. BOOYAH. BOOM. Leonora: 1, Retail: 0

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Keep up with Leonora and her silly antics on her blog, and I am sure she would love if you stalked her on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks Leonora, I ♥ your art.