Monday, July 18, 2011

Is this real life?

Guess who I met (in real life a.k.a. not over email/blog/twitter/text/phone call)?

We didn't go to a conference. We didn't meet for dinner or coffee.
We took a family vacation.

Alison is very tall, and I am showing you with a ridiculously ugly face how much taller she is than me.
She took photos of our family since I didn't even pull my camera out the entire time (I was enjoying our visit too much).
She made me this amazing chevron print bag. It is perfect, just like her and the 25th apple pie that was consumed this weekend.

We drank lots of coffee because my our children don't sleep and because Alison really likes coffee.
Our boys played together: Charlie and Grayson, Jackson and Jack.
For some reason her husband didn't end up in any pictures - we still love you Scott.

Okay, this picture is pretty much just for vanity purposes. I was waiting for Alison to arrive, and I had on make-up.


And this one was because I was very much in love with the collection of coffee cups in our cabin.
I wanted to take this one home, but I didn't. I promise.

I am so glad we are friends in real life now.