Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mandipidy's Baby Shower

Today I am getting together with some other ladies for a baby shower for Mandy.

Mandy I know you must be counting the for Miss Abigail to arrive.
Until she comes I tell you, sleep. Spend every day sleeping because you will never sleep again.
Okay, I am teasing you :)

Here are a few fun things I thought I would share with you though:

1. Diaper wipe warmers are a bit overrated. We received one for Charlie who was born in January. They did keep the wipes nice and warm, but from the time I actually got the wipe out of the warmer and kept a little, squirmy, upset baby in diaper changing position the wipe was cold. You could save the money and buy an extra pack of diapers or 2 huge boxes of wipes.

2. Swaddling is not overrated, if your baby will tolerate it. I know some friends who swear they swaddled their kids until they were 4 years old. Haha. No really, I swaddled both boys until they turned into Houdini and the Hulk and busted out. There are a ton of swaddle blankets out there and I heard the Miracle blanket is totally worth it, though we used Summer's SwaddleMe and they worked most of the time.

3. Take lots of pictures of your little one because you can never have too many.
AND you will forget so much since your brain shrinks.
On both of the boys' one year birthdays we went through the year in pictures, and it was a sweet way to remember the year and see how they grew.

{my favorite picture for obvious reason, every one is happy}

4. Baby-wearing can save your life. I wore Jack 99% more than I did Charlie, and if I could go back I would have worn Charlie.  It took a while to get used to wearing a baby in a carrier, but once we figured it out  I was able to do so much more, and he was happy because he was close to me.
I used a Moby and BabyBjorn (from a consignment sale for $15!!!), 
and have heard wonderful things about ERGO.

5. Mr.Wonderful advises to not take deep breaths while changing diapers. He has increased his lung capacity greatly over the past 2 1/2 years and mastered a breathing technique where can literally not take a breath while changing a diaper.

6. Never say never. There were so many things I said I would never do.
I will never take my child for a car ride to get them to go to sleep.
I will never let my child sleep in my bed.
I will never let my child eat [insert snack/junk food] for dinner when they won't eat anything else.
It is about survival most of the time :) and you will do what you have to do.

7.  And last but not least, just love that precious little baby.
God chose you to take care of her.
You can do it.

Do you have anything you can share with Mandy?