Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Miami Vice?

At first when I was working on a color combination for my little mustaches I was going for a dark blue, a turquoise and a red.
Somehow, I ended up with these three.
Teal Blue . Peachy/Coral Pink . Mint Green

Miami Vice anyone?

Heck yes.

I have added the mustaches to the shop, along with more camera paintings, one in white and the other in black.
I have a few other things to be listed this week and a coupon code for you on Paint Me a Picture's Facebook page. Check it out.

Miami Vice images found here.


  1. THESE ARE GREAT! Love the colors and yes, definetely circa 1983? You'd make Crocket and Tubbs proud!

  2. Love these colors! Definitely a throwback :)

  3. I used to have a Miami Vice blazer. I thought I was so cool.

  4. who doesn't love miami vice. ha.ha. i love the staches.

  5. those are fab color choices! even though i never watched miami vice, i can appreciate the colors because i <3 the 80s!


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