Thursday, July 14, 2011

new and news!

The past two weeks at my house have been really amazing.
I have taken a break on my made-to-order states/countries [read why here].

My break has given me a chance to:
- not think about painting when I need to be present with my boys [that sounds so funny, but it's true]
- connect with some other mamas whose boys also had heart conditions
- work on things for friends [that were long overdue]
- not have to rush for a deadline
- not paint at all if I didn't want to
- just enjoy being a mama [it's not all snuggles and smiles, but you know what I mean]
- paint some things I have wanted to for a while

So, go check out what I have been working on!
Oh, and check out Life Rearranged, there is something good going on there.