Thursday, July 14, 2011

new and news!

The past two weeks at my house have been really amazing.
I have taken a break on my made-to-order states/countries [read why here].

My break has given me a chance to:
- not think about painting when I need to be present with my boys [that sounds so funny, but it's true]
- connect with some other mamas whose boys also had heart conditions
- work on things for friends [that were long overdue]
- not have to rush for a deadline
- not paint at all if I didn't want to
- just enjoy being a mama [it's not all snuggles and smiles, but you know what I mean]
- paint some things I have wanted to for a while

So, go check out what I have been working on!
Oh, and check out Life Rearranged, there is something good going on there.


  1. Love the new painting and I'm so happy to hear you're feeling able to be more present with those sweet boys! Exciting stuff going on :)

  2. I love all of your paintings! And I understand needing a break from custom orders. Isn't it nice to not have something you *have* to do?

  3. I'm glad you decided to take some time for you and the boys... and I love your new designs... especially the polka dot texas painting.

  4. So glad you have had the chance to take a break. Sometimes it is just so needed. I've been trying to limit my time on the cpu lately - spending more time in the kitchen and on the floor with Callan. Break more often. Those 945 projects will always be there when you get back. ;)

  5. So happy that your break has been great! Sometimes I think we all need to check out of one area of our life to check in in another area! That time with your boys is priceless:)

  6. I think you are one smart cookie. It's so hard to maintain that balance but you're right - a break is so important for you and your family!


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