Friday, September 30, 2011

and that's how we spent September

I realized I had not posted any IG photos since September 2nd.
So rather than a week in Instagram you are getting a month.
Time flies...

{ pretty fresh flowers - 
I later realized they made me sneeze the entire 
week they were with us }

{ things fall apart }

{ sail boat for supper }

{ U.S.A. ♥ }

{ swinging at Nana's }

{ little messages }

{ homemade veggie pizza }

{ my snackin' buddy }

{ the day I realized how much older Charlie looks }

{ blue is the clue }

{ wool felt from Benzie Bazaar
wonderful product / great customer service / fast shipping }

{ pillow fight }

{ "P" is for peanut butter sandwich and pears from our tree }

{ hello Scentsy - my friend Lauren sells it and she's great }

{ yogurt mustache }

{ my new favorite thing }

{ lots of tomatoes }

{ slowly but surely decorating for Fall }

{ that's all folks }

Happy Friday!


  1. You know what's missing? A picture of us together.

  2. oh, it looks like it was amazing! Now onto October ;-)

  3. Love those pretty flowers, and your boys are so cute. And they both are looking so much older!

    Happy Friday! <3

  4. Jax LOVES La Croix! He calls it bubble water. FYI: it's on sale this week at Publix.

  5. love the pictures! I can't believe September is OVER already!

  6. ohhh, fun times! your boys are getting so big...but i'm sure you know that. ;)

  7. What a great month! I heart Ira Glass too :). And that "P" themed lunch warms my teacher-heart!!!

  8. i heart following you on instagram;)


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