Tuesday, September 13, 2011

♥ I heart art ♥ Alyss McKell - Roots

I have been able to come across other artists in the most unexpected places. . . when I wasn't looking for them.
One day while checking out Alyss's pictures on Instagram I hopped over to her blog. I saw she painted, and I was excited to share her work with you.
Come meet Alyss, another talented wife-artist-mama.

1. When did you first begin creating art?
If we are to believe that we are created in the image of God, then it would follow that we all inherently carry each one of His characteristics within us. Some are buried deeper down than others, but they are all present. His grace, mercy, generosity, forgiveness, love. All of them. Including His creativity. I hear people say that they wish they were creative all the time. Well, you are. And it doesn't have to be showcased solely on a canvas. Ever planned a sweet date night? Or cooked a smashing meal? That's all creativity. That's all inherited from the character of God.

For me? I came out of the womb with a paint brush in hand. Ever since the days when the people I drew had arms coming straight out the sides of their heads (you did it, too... don't lie), I've been obsessed with all things artsy fartsy. Growing up, my grandma and I would look through those huge coffee table art books and work together to try to reproduce our favorites. Later in life, you encouraged me to put the books away and trust my own imagination.

I think I'm preaching to the choir when I say that trusting your own ideas is the hardest part of the creative process. Thank the Lord for grandma. Without her, I don't think I would have taken the plunge in college to study what I love: art. It took years, but I think I finally found my own style: working with natural wood to give it new life.

2. What is your favorite/most sentimental creation you have made? Why?
My most sentimental piece is my favorite for three reasons:
a. It was my first and last oil painting ever.
b. The style and subject matter was so outside of my comfort zone.
c. It depicts some of my most special possessions: dried yellow roses from my husband, my two favorite books, and an old yellow box that is home to my most treasured letters.

It's beat up from transporting it so many times, but I love it and what it represents for me. Who knew oil paint really takes that long to dry? I didn't, apparently.

Painting those shadows. Never again. Holy moly. Mad props to all the oil painters out there.

3. Is there a project you've always dreamed of creating? What would it be?
I thought for a while about how to answer this question. I have thousands of ideas running through my head, and I can barely focus on just one. Maybe that's why I never get around to accomplishing any of them. Hmm... So when going to answer this, I scanned through my filing cabinet in my head looking for the most profound and inspiring answer I had. And yeah know what, the same silly answer kept popping up:

I want to paint from the inspiration of children's stories. There you have it. I would LOVE to take some of my old favorite books and paint depictions of the moral of the story or of my favorite "scene." How fun and whimsical would that be? I'm gonna do. Make me do it, guys.

Well, that's me in three questions. Thanks for having me, Lindsay! Isn't she amazing? Yes, she's amazing.

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I hope you will check out more of Alyss's work and connect with her as well.
Thank you Alyss; I ♥ your art!