Tuesday, September 6, 2011

♥ I heart FOOD art ♥ Jill & her boys - Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

If you children are anything like mine they can be very picky when it comes to meals. When both of my boys began eating table food they would eat just about anything I offered them.
Now, not so much.
It can be very frustrating, especially because I refuse to let their meals consist of chips and cookies (most of the time), AND because they will often refuse to eat something I know they like.
In an attempt to encourage a variety of food and healthier options I chose to start playing with our food - food in the shapes of flowers and boats and silly things. One day I was just stumped. I couldn't think of anything fun to do so I went to Pinterest and searched for "kids food", and I found Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons [insert the Hallelujah chorus].

So, let's meet the creative mama behind some major food play, Jill and her three cute boys:

When did you first begin creating food art and why?
I have baked for years, but started creating silly food to get my little boys to try new things.  My oldest was a little picky about food, but not near as picky as my middle child.  Getting creative with food has opened up a whole new world of eating for him.  The boys had just as much fun helping with our silly creations in the kitchen.  My older son is the best artist of our house and he helps come up with a lot of ideas.  We started our blog to share our creations in hopes that everyone else can use our ideas and create fun food for their kids as well.

What is your favorite creation?
It's hard to pick a favorite, but I would have to say Bert and Ernie.  It's a very easy snack to make and it looks so much like them!  

Do you have any plans to further your food art?

This is really just something that I get to share with my boys and do for fun. However, we would be thrilled to be in a magazine or make a book, etc...

You can click on each image to view the directions on how to create each fun meal by Jill and her boys on her blog.
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Thank you so much for sharing Jill. I ♥ your FOOD art and my boys do too!