Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm dreaming of white pumpkins...

What is it about white pumpkins that is so pretty?

I have never really decorated for Fall // Halloween // Thanksgiving before other than the occasional pumpkin spice candle and a jack-o'-lantern.
This year I am trying to be a bit more festive.
I haven't quite narrowed down what I will be doing but I am leaning towards some white pumpkins on my mantel.

Do you decorate for Fall?
Do you have any ideas? Please share with links!

If you need any ideas Pinterest is full of them
and Everything Etsy has this great guide.

*The image from #1 was on Pinterest and I looked high and low on the blog it is linked to with no luck.


  1. I never have before, but my 4 year old is pretty excited about Halloween, so I'm working on a Halloween vignette. I think some white pumpkins will make it to my mantel too.

  2. Yes, I love white pumpkins. I discovered them a year ago and they made our place so happy! I can't wait to pick some up this fall :) Lovely finds, Lindsay!

  3. fall is the biggest season in our house, so you know we've got pumpkins and leaves everywhere ;)

  4. OH - #1 is of my mantle. KIDDING. :) i wish. i'm not really a holiday decorator myself ... although i DO do my front door & mantle. but the kids are of age now where they are ASKING me to go all out. :) brett & davis called me out on the fact i only decorate with "pumpkins". NOT jack-o-lanterns. so i've had to get a few extra items this year. i figure halloween is for the kids anyway & they're only little once!

  5. i used to decorate for halloween/fall...with a cute banner on my dining room hutch, the front and side door got fall wreaths, mini pumpkins and small gourds would go in a bowl on my island, fun little nick knacks were placed in the living room and bedrooms, mums on the back and front steps...but with the house on the market..i'm just going to hang a new fall wreath and maybe add a pumpkin to the front stoop.

  6. Hi Lindsay, I always mean to decorate for fall and never get round to it either! Maybe this is the year. Visiting from Creative Courage - your shop is gorgeous and I am totally in love with your camera canvases! Becsx


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