Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Charlie really likes Bugs Bunny 
so Jack agreed he should go as Elmer Fudd.
They have the act down to an art. 
Charlie will prop up against a wall, cross his legs and pretend to eat his carrot. Jack chases him around and innocently tries to hit him, you know in a brotherly-love-15-month-old kind of way.

Happy Halloween from Bugs and Elmer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

crochet 101, kind of

Sorry if you are tired of my yarn, there is lots of it.
If you want to know how to crochet this post is hopefully for you.
If you don't, well, you might like what I am making so stick around.

my crochet bag, yes a tote bag from aPearantly sew,
it has pockets for my hooks and holds about 4 projects at once

x x x x

If I told you how many skeins of yarn I have at my house right now you would probably choke.
Technically they are not all mine. My friends have purchased some of them so I can make them a circle scarf or 30 (I am not kidding, but that's another post).

I posted some of my cowls on Instagram and had several questions about crocheting. Since I am SO new and am just learning as I go 
I decided to point y'all in the right direction.

First things first.
When I started I felt like I had 10 thumbs. I got very frustrated. VERY. Like forget this junk. I didn't understand a THING I was reading or hearing on videos because I didn't know the terminology. 
I still don't know how to make a granny square.
The ONLY things I have started and finished are circle scarfs with a double crochet stitch, nothing fancy, and I didn't use a pattern because I don't know how to read them yet.

If you want to get started - watch videos like these.
Also, this blog has a wonderful picture by picture tutorial 
on some basic crochet.
If you already know the basics of crochet you can use this very helpful tutorial on how to make a circle scarf like the one I made (thanks mama for finding it for me). 
Mandipidy did a whole series on yarn & crochet, Yarn It All. I was totally out of the loop (you liked that didn't ya?) when she did this, but now I have it as a reference for some great tutorials.
Pinterest is also full of tutorials. You can click here for a search of crochet tutorials.

Here is a little Crochet 101 for you:
(I am doing this more for myself to learn the correct terms, but if you are an absolute beginner like me you have no idea, so this helps.)

-crochet is basically hooking yarn (or other strands of material) together to form something like a blanket, scarf, coaster, earrings, flower, etc.
-crochet is done in chains and rows
-stitches are the different ways you can loop the yarn around the hook before you pull it through the main loop you are working with when you are creating a chain, here are some basic stitches
-a skein of yarn is a bundle of yarn like you buy it in the store
-a crochet hook is the hook/needle thing you use to crochet
-and from my research I have found you are supposed to have a tapestry needle to weave your ends into your project when you are done, but I have used my little hooks to do the work
-if you look on the back of a skein of yarn you will see what size crochet hook is needed for that yarn (there will be a letter) 

this thin yarn suggests an H
this thick yarn suggest an N
-Buy a variety pack of hooks, that way you can experiment with different sizes and you will have them available for the future when you are a pro and make fancy things.
-Buy two different sizes of yarn, thin and thick to experiment with. I found suggestions to use the thin yarn so it's what I started with. When I tried the thick yarn I was able to work much faster, so everyone is different.
-Watch a YouTube video over and over again. Watch it, try it, pause it, rewind it, keep doing it until you kind of understand what the heck is going on.
-Know that the wonderful thing about crochet is you can completely undo whatever you have done and start over, so try, try again :)

PLEASE if you have questions ask them.
If you have suggestions or links share them in a comment and I will do a follow up post later for others. 
Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i ♥ crochet

crochet on the go // awesome Chevron bag from aPearantly sew 
finished project, I think it goes well with my pjs
It's not obvious or anything I am really enjoying this adventure into learning to crochet.
I have actually finished my first crochet project. I am calling it a circle scarf. It wraps around three times and is quite cozy. I admit I had the idea for it in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. I also admit it is probably done improperly because made it up as I went along and followed no directions (if you have been around here for a while you know I don't do well with directions anyway). That said, I am going to try to learn from some books Jacqui suggested and search for more videos.
As for my green yarn project, I have started over and over again. I can't quite decided what I am going to do, and every time I start I get frustrated. I am starting to think it's the yarn's fault. I guess not all yarn is created equal.

Speaking of crochet, aren't these so pretty? I ♥ handmade.

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.

PS. From now until I get an fancy new camera IG pictures are going to be all I have to share. Blog-life goes on. If you want to buy me a new one I will be happy to provide my mailing address, I accept money orders and personal checks. #ijoke

Monday, October 17, 2011

he and I

We were alone ((translates without children)) for 55 hours.
Yes I counted. It was so fun to take a little trip up to the place we will from now on call "Nooga" (Chattanooga, TN).
We rode in the car without anyone crying... okay I cried a little when we first left because I am not away from my children very often, and it was a step for me to go so far away for two nights in a row. 
My totally awesome parents held down the fort (I am 1001x grateful).
We wanted it. We needed it, but still it was a little emotional for me.
No shame.
We slept in until 8:30 AM. We ate dinner on a boat.
We got lost a time or two.
We enjoyed amazing wedding festivities (including dancing hilariously to Footloose and a few other songs).

My dress was $12.97 and my shoes were $16.98.
This is how we do it.
Just the two of us.

What did you do this weekend?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

away we went

Sometimes you decide you need to visit 
So, what do you do?

you get driving directions to their house 

you pack up your new crochet project and 
your family and you drive a very long way.

(these two pictures were taken within 
10 minutes of one another,
as in the nap lasted 10 minutes)

But it's all worth it because you get to have fun like this and

you get to meet sweet people like this and
(pictured left to right)
Alison of aPearantly sew
yours truly
Christa of Sugarfoot Speaks and her sweet little Miss E

you get to stay in a nice place like this and

you get to to take cute pictures of your kids like this.

We went to North Carolina to stay with Alison and her family.
It was a fun adventure with very little sleep as are all of our family trips.
We have pinkie-promised that our next meet up will be without children so we can stay up late and sleep in late and be grown ups.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The crocheting has begun.
Let me tell you, 
I had no prior knowledge of crochet.
I still have no knowledge of it.
Thank goodness for YouTube. 
I found a really helpful tutorial for the absolute beginner.
The picture above is me starting over for the 381st time. For real.
It's fun learning something new. It's a challenge too. 
I thought I would just pick up a needle 
and yarn and a blanket would magically appear. 
I know, laugh with me.
Are you learning anything new?

Monday, October 3, 2011

♥ I heart art ♥ Amie Murray - Murray Designs

I'd like for you to meet another artist-mama, Amie of Murray Designs.
Amie is so very talented, creating murals, a variety of custom art for children and grown ups, and she even makes soap!

When did you first begin creating art ? 
I've been painting things as long as I can remember. I grew up with a mom who taught children's art classes out of our home, so I spent a lot of time painting with the kids in her classes. I was also given one entire wall in my room to paint anything I wanted when I was about 9 (crazy?!). I was, and still am, a pretty messy painter and have always had a whole drawer of my dresser commited to "painting clothes" that I've ruined during my creations. 

What is your favorite/most sentimental creation you have made? Why?
Does my silly little boy count as a creation? One of my recent favorites is a paper collage on canvas that I made for my son, Charlie, when he was just a year old. He couldn't say very many words, but each time he saw it he would just shout, "OOOH WOOOW!" He carried it around everywhere -- it was just so sweet to see him enjoy a piece of art that was made just for him!

Is there a project you've always dreamed of creating?
What would it be?

So many ideas come and go through my head. I would love to learn to sew. I see so many amazing pillow covers, clothes, and other sewn creations on Etsy and I always think how fantastic it would be to know how to sew. If only I had free time!

Click on each image to view more of Amie's wonderful work from her site and Etsy shop.
OH and Amie makes soap! Check out her soap shop too.
You can also connect with Murray Designs on Facebook and blog.
Thanks for sharing with us Amie.
I ♥ your art.