Friday, January 6, 2012

InstaFriday 12/16/11 - 1/5/12

Friends in real life.
We get together once a month to craft and be silly.
It is such a wonderful time. 
I think everyone should get together with their girlfriends to do something like this.

Two weeks of Daddy home! It was awesome.

One of the crafts my friends and I chose to do was monogramed glasses.
Super fast craft. Like under 10 minutes. 

Day date in Tallahassee ♥.
I love this man.

How we wrapped presents.
I never have gift tags so using letters worked out great.

A serious discussion about Santa coming down the chimney.

My very beautiful coffee cup from Alison and a pretty little mug rug she made.

We are all saddled up for adventure.
Charlie got real cowboy boots for Christmas from my mom.
{I laugh every time I see this picture.}

The biggest painting I ever did.
It's 30x40 inches and almost as big as my kitchen table!
I made it for Alison and demanded she pick it up in person.

AND she did :)
You should know she lives 7 1/2 hours away.
And she is like a foot taller than me.
And I am standing on a step stool here.
And I saw her three times in 6 months.

I know, he's sooooo cute.

Packing up all the red and green.
Isn't this wreath my sister made for me awesome?!
I didn't want to put it away.

That's okay Charlie, all the Play-Do colors are meant to be mixed together.
After finding Play-Do in my shoe, hidden in corners of my kitchen, and in the toy box I decided we will save this toy for later.

Yes, this is the same yarn I used when I first learned to crochet.
I undid the "project" for the last time and am almost finished with it.

Life with boys.

Happy Friday!