Wednesday, April 18, 2012

art I heart ♥ { some of my favorite artists}

The other day I was talking to another artist friend about inspiration.
I was sharing with her my fear of "copying" another artist unintentionally. For example, seeing something and adoring it, forgetting about it, and then seeing it come out in something I create. Make sense? 
My friend encouraged me to really dive into the creations of the artist I admire though, rather than running in the opposite direction. She talked to me about how you can take an artist and if you look at their work you will find elements of style they took from artists they admired. [She did a post on some of the books she's reading and one of them actually talks about this issue.]
It started making sense to me and helped me realize the difference in inspiration and recreating what someone has already done.

Each week I am going to {start back} sharing art I love in my "art I heart" series. This week's collection is based off of artists I admire and respect and own some of their work in my own home. These creative people constantly inspire me, and I will confidently look to them for direction and ideas.

Joy Charde
Katie Daisy
Rachel Twenter
Jessica Swift

Pam Garrison

Laura Amiss
Flor Larios

Whether you are an artist or not, what creative people inspire you?
I'd love for you share some artists you heart.