Wednesday, May 9, 2012

don't buy balloons on a windy day

"Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-traffic controllers with ease."
-Lisa Alther

cartoon by Mama Pea at

A few weeks ago we celebrated my husband's birthday.
That morning I had ideas of grandeur (notice I said that day, because you can plan a big celebration in a day, right?).
The boys and I were going to go buy a gift, get balloons, and stop by the grocery store for a few things.  During nap time I was going to cook and clean and bake.

Everything was planned, and my list was ready.
Birthday gift. Check.
Groceries. Check.
Balloons. Check.
 Spiderman and Elmo balloons, because what daddy wouldn't love those? I was feeling pretty good. Then I realized I had to get to the car with balloons, two busy little boys, and a very windy day.  I was wearing a dress. A dress apparently designed like a parachute so when I stand near our car and the wind blows it goes up to the sky. 

There I am, trying to:
- talk in a nice voice
- keep Charlie calm (he's all upset about the balloons frantically winding and twisting) 
-keep Jack on my hip (who is complete dead weight because he has no idea how to hold on when being held)
-shove balloons in our tiny car (see above description)
-keep my parachute dress from pulling a Marilyn Monroe

All the while I had somehow managed to call my friend and leave her a detailed message of everything. Let the record show, I didn't yell. Thankfully all the things I was saying in my head and under my breath didn't make it to the phone receiver, hahaha.

Of course, at the time none of this was funny. I was totally able to laugh about it after the fact when Alison called me and told me about the message. When I tweeted about the fiasco my friend Mama Pea laughed with me and made the above funny cartoon.

Motherhood is not easy, but it is funny, most of the time.
Share with me a funny mama drama story. I only got 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night, and I need a good laugh :)


  1. i love the bit about jack not knowing how to hold on - between my 3 girls i have a had a mixture of one that never held on, one that squeezed me so tight (and still does) and one that balanced with just the right grip. how funny... hope no one witnessed the dress blowing up

  2. Hehe...I've never had to hold onto to boys, balloons & my skirt, but I have worn skirts/dresses that fly up with the slightest bit of wind; so frustrating! ;)

  3. My younger daughter loves to yell out my underwear colors/patterns when I am in a store dressing room. As in "Mommy, I LOOOOOOOOVE your pink and yellow flowered panties!!!!!!" at the top of her lungs. I clothes shop by myself now!

  4. That drawing made me laugh out loud :) As you well know, I kept that message. I listen to it from time to time when I need a good laugh. Jackson is bad to talk about his man parts (very loudly) in public, and ask if I lost mine. We're working on that :/

  5. no funny story off the top of my head - BUT the next day i was getting balloons for davis's birthday party & we must have had that SAME wind here in kansas city. but i had NO kids, as they were all in school! so it was just ME with the twisting, nose diving balloons beating me up & a few bags of groceries. and i THOUGHT OF YOU! i did NOT have 2 toddlers & a dress to hold on to! :) but how funny is it when you're fighting with the balloons to get them in the car, then by the end you're so p*ssed that you just slam the door & you could care LESS if they pop bc you're so p*ssed off! ahhh - balloons. so festive, fun & cheery. ;) love the drawing!

  6. So funny! My 2 year old Charlie has been helping me garden this week and learned that its really funny to spray me with the hose when I'm not looking because I totally freak out and run away. He also dumped a giant plastic tub full of dog food down the stairs this week..."uh oh mom, I dumpy." I can't belive we are having another one in July! LOVE the new additions to the shop and blog!!!

  7. I'm glad you like the drawing. Thanks for providing me with good, inspirational material for cartoons :) My story: the other day I was playing with P and his tunnel (kind of like this and me and my 5 mos. preg. belly got stuck. I couldn't military crawl because of my belly, so I attempted to lie backwards/sideways and shimmy through. Yeah.

  8. this is hilarious. motherhood is so funny especially if you make a conscious effort to see the humor. because some days you know.

    also how's your little man? i'm still praying for him.


  9. you don't have to be a mother to be in the awkward moment when your dress flips up and you flash the parking lot on a windy day. i feel ya!


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