Monday, September 10, 2012

the mugs were swapppppped

Cuppa Kim hosted an amazing Mug Swap in August.
Let's all take a moment to give a round of applause to Kim.
I mean, she organized it all. Assigning partners, spreading the word, making sure everyone got their partners blog, instagram and mailing address. That is a lot of work!

I was so excited to open my package from sweet Christie
She sent me this beautiful mug

along with some TAZO teas, some Starbucks VIA and a cute little notebook. AND what was even cuter was she used a coffee cuff to package it in. So creative.

I have declared this my new favorite mug. My old favorite mug broke a few weeks ago so I am happy to have a replacement. I adore the design and it's just perfect for me. I am very particular about my mugs. Really, I am.

To see the mugs I sent off visit
Julie and Stephanie, they should be posting pictures of their hand drawn mugs.
I have never used porcelain pens before. I was really scared how they would turn out, but after I got the hang of drawing on a mug I ended up having a lot of fun with them. 

sneak peek of one of the mugs I drew
I found plain, white mugs with no texture. I washed and dried them, and used Porcelaine brand pens to draw on the mugs. I found my pens at Michael's on clearance too! I followed the directions (gasp, I hate directions) and allowed the paint to dry for 24 hours, then baked the mugs at 350 for like 45 minutes. After they cooled I washed and dried them again 
(and to be honest I was scared the paint might come off). 
I really want to get some more dishes and maybe a platter to draw on. They would make great inexpensive, handmade gifts.

Did you participate in the Mug Swap? Have you ever used porcelain pens?


  1. I love the mugs you made!! Those were some lucky swappers! You got a great little package too! I didn't participate but I would love to do something like this on my blog. I love the idea of a swap, and who doesn't love a good mug?

  2. you. are a mug rockstar.
    what a fun adventure you took with the pens and drawing.

    your recipients were some lucky girls. :)

    thanks for participating, and promoting, and even adding to the giveaway. you're the best.

    for reals.

  3. Love your handmade mug! It's so detailed & unique. :) Now, I have to ask - how do I get involved in the mug swap? It's such a fabulous idea, because what lady wouldn't want a lovely mug to sip her tea?

  4. This mug swap was such a great idea! How much fun!!! The blue and white mug you sent off made my heart go pitter patter! sighhh....

    I used the porcelain pens to do some monogrammed mugs last year for teacher gifts and they turned out adorable!

    Your Instagram pics hooked me and I am excited to follow your blog!
    Talented you are!!! (lol, I sound like Yoda)

  5. I did the mug swap, and it was a blast! For Christmas last year, I made platters for my friends using the Porcelain pens. I loved it! I saw the IG pic that Julie posted, and I was in love - so beautiful! Have a great week!

  6. I am sooooo participating next year...lovin all the photos!

  7. both mugs are SO pretty.
    ps. I would like a whole set of pen&paints mugs and dishes
    get on that, mmmmkay?! ;)

  8. i did the mug swap and LOVED it!!!

    you are a true talent, mrs lindsay.

  9. Oh..... that's a beauty that you painted! So much fun!

  10. You hit the jackpot with my closie. She is a great gift giver. I love her.

  11. I haven't used the pens before, but I've used Porcelaine paints to create some ice cream bowls and coffee mugs. They're SO much fun! And inexpensive - my local dollar store has lots of white dishware for $1 a piece. I'm in a mug swap right now and just did a camera design on a mug for it =)

  12. Beautiful! And of course you hand painted mugs, that are gorgeous. You rock!

  13. Both awesome mugs you got and gifted! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your mug work in your shop ;)

  14. How awesome is that cup! you are way talented

  15. Oh how I wish the Stephanie that got your mug was me!...this in KaHoney Stephanie. A girl can dream :)

    The mug you received was beautimous by the way. :)


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