Monday, April 30, 2012

Make Something Pretty - easy flower hoop art

When I was going through my craft stuff Friday afternoon 
I found an empty embroidery hoop and a fun variety of felt.
I thought a rainbow bloom would be fun to make, but I didn't want to have to sit and stitch with embroidery thread. That would just take me forever.
I pulled out the hot glue gun and scissors and got to work during nap time.

What you need to make this:
embroidery hoop (I think mine is like 8 inches), fabric,
hot glue gun, scissors, button, felt, a little free time
{my felt is wool felt I found in this shop}

Let's make it happen:
Stretch fabric & place in embroidery hoop. 
Begin cutting felt for outer layer of petals.
Place petals of outer layer on fabric to determine how many you will need for each layer (I cut 17 petals for each layer and made 7 layers).
Hot glue outer layer of petals onto fabric.
Continue with each layer of petals (cutting each layer just a little smaller than the previous), and gluing them in place on top of the previous layer.
Once you get to the last two layers of petals you may not be able to fit all 17 petals, 
just use what you need.
Find a button large enough to cover the center part of your bloom & glue it in place.
Cut excess fabric around hoop leaving about half an inch.
Hot glue remaining fabric to back side of hoop.
Ta-da! You have pretty hoop art for your wall.

Make something pretty and share what you make!

And now for the winner of the State/Country Love print:
I'll email you. Who says #1 never wins!?

Friday, April 27, 2012

our week in Instagram 4/20 - 4/26

Love the messy. Love the beautiful.
I made this original for Crystal using her sweet words.
I'm still trying to figure whether I want to make it into a print or how I can change the design around some.

My monkeys jumping on the bed.
Yes, someone got hurt.

Colorful dinner prep.
I don't like green beans very much, but I do like to roast these in the oven with a little olive oil and garlic salt and they taste so much better.

Sneaking a treat. Don't tell My Fitness Pal.

Between my dress, my apron and my rug there is a floral overload.

We celebrating Mr.Wonderful's birthday this week.
Wednesday was quite an event that included 
a mama trying to put balloons in a car with a child on her hip and another holding her hand while wearing a dress on a windy day.
To top it off my phone accidentally called Alison, and 
she has a detailed message of the event.

The Dollar Tree has sombreros, and we decided we needed one.

This week's C25k runs were really hard for me.
REALLY hard. Yesterday Charlie screamed for 29 minutes, 
and I am pretty sure I swallowed a bug.
I am assuming I haven't had the rest I needed (sleep at night) and that is the result for it being so difficult. I really hope so because I can't see myself running for longer segments and feeling the way I did over the past few days.

We have a baby!
Actually three - a baby bell pepper, a baby jalapeno pepper, and a baby asparagus. The garden is growing!

Hope you had a great week!
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CLOSED they are back... {GIVEAWAY}

The State Love is back and with twist!

I am still planning to offer my State Love Paintings in the future, but for now I am having fun making State Love Prints with fun designs. I sketch an outline of a state add some fun designs and edit them to make a print.

I am offering any state / country / continent like I did before with the paintings, along text, and several different designs & color options.

So of course we need to celebrate with a giveaway!

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment here on what your favorite design is and what state / country /continent you would choose if you won.

For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each extra entry):
-become a fan on Facebook and share Pen & Paint's Facebook Page
-tweet about the giveaway 
you can tweet something like this: @penandpaints has NEW state love prints and is giving one away
-become a blog follower (if you are already then just include that in your entry)

The giveaway will be open until Sunday, April 29th. A winner will be selected through and announced on Monday, April 30th.
Good luck!


Monday, April 23, 2012

I don't do that.

Back in November of last year I started taking exercise seriously. Embracing it a lifestyle.
Granted some days I dread it. I try to find an excuse not to do it. And on those days I will text or call a friend I know will encourage me to do it. On the days I really don't want to do it I will text or call a friend who will tell me to take a nap. (A good friend like that is hard to find.)
It's so wonderful to have people around me (in real life or in the url) I know will say something to get me motivated, to keep me accountable. I am so grateful for that.

Two of those people who motivated me are runners, and they run a lot.

I said I would never run.
I don't do that.
I hate running.
I would cheer people on from the sidelines all day long, but don't ask me to do it.
I don't run.

Well, Mr. Wonderful started Couch to 5k about 2 months ago. That worked for me. He could run, and I would do my workout DVDs. Then a few weeks ago we went to the beach and Robbie wanted to go for a run. I wanted to go too. I don't know, I just felt like I wanted to do it. I was so afraid I'd look like an idiot. I didn't have any proper running clothes (working out at home allows you to wear things you wouldn't dare be seen in at the gym... think lime green yoga capris that may or may not be a size too small and a 15 year old tie-die shirt). Thankfully, Target is stocked with all your running needs. I still went capri because let's face it, running shorts are made for those women who run and remember I don't run. And y'all, I did it.
I ran for 16 minutes and walked for 20 minutes (it's intervals of running and walking). After my 2nd run which was 5 minutes I thought I was going to die. Literally fall down on the ground and die, but somehow after my walk interval I was able to get some energy and finish the whole thing with him. It was so exciting and encouraging. Something I said I couldn't do, I would never do, I did.
And then for the next three days I could barely walk. For real.

So as of last week I started the Couch to 5k myself. I won't be going all hardcore runner like Ruthanne is, but I have a goal to run a 5k this summer.

Is there something you said you don't do or would never do?
Maybe you should reconsider.

Friday, April 20, 2012

our week in Instagram 4/13-4/19

Curry for dinner (and a side story).
A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit Your Dekalb Farmers Market with Amy and AlisonIt was amazing. I pretty much lost my mind. I felt like I was walking around in an episode of No Reservations or something. Everyone was speaking a different language. There were fruits and vegetables I had never seen before, and the selection of spices was insane. I picked up a container of every Indian spice available (each was under $0.75 a piece!!!).
Anyway, we now have any spice you can think of and we have Indian on the menu every week. Next on my list is making naan.

Catching bubbles with a net.

Our garden is growing!
My dad is helping us grow a garden. Here you see broccoli.
We also have tomotoes, squash, asparagus, potatoes, peppers, and cabbage.
I am excited to see what the [vegetables] of our labor :)

Old man Charlie.
He requested a "sun" hat and some water.
Sigh. My barefoot children. I guess sometimes it's just nice to feel the grass between your toes. 
And the mud too.

Sunny Saturdays.
Mr. Jack is getting big, and he enjoys taking pictures of himself.

Apparently my son is a superhero.

It's been a while.
I picked up my paint brush yesterday. After all, my shop is pen AND paint.
These are going to be little cameras for the shop.

Last but not least.
These boys are buddies. They fight. They wrestle. They are normal brothers.
I am often am surprised at how they treat one another. Yesterday they surprised me in the car.
I looked back and they were holding hands. They continued the entire trip home.
When we pulled  into the driveway I was able to snap these.
A lot of people make comments about how close in age my boys are. It was unplanned on our part.
I am thankful nonetheless. They are definitely close, and not just in age.

Happy Friday!
PS. Today is the last day to enter to win a $25 shop credit over at Dot in the City.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

art I heart ♥ { some of my favorite artists}

The other day I was talking to another artist friend about inspiration.
I was sharing with her my fear of "copying" another artist unintentionally. For example, seeing something and adoring it, forgetting about it, and then seeing it come out in something I create. Make sense? 
My friend encouraged me to really dive into the creations of the artist I admire though, rather than running in the opposite direction. She talked to me about how you can take an artist and if you look at their work you will find elements of style they took from artists they admired. [She did a post on some of the books she's reading and one of them actually talks about this issue.]
It started making sense to me and helped me realize the difference in inspiration and recreating what someone has already done.

Each week I am going to {start back} sharing art I love in my "art I heart" series. This week's collection is based off of artists I admire and respect and own some of their work in my own home. These creative people constantly inspire me, and I will confidently look to them for direction and ideas.

Joy Charde
Katie Daisy
Rachel Twenter
Jessica Swift

Pam Garrison

Laura Amiss
Flor Larios

Whether you are an artist or not, what creative people inspire you?
I'd love for you share some artists you heart.

Friday, April 13, 2012

thoughts & pretty things

{ print }

Almost three months ago I shared I was taking a break. I finally gathered the courage to admit I wasn't balancing things well. Having a shop became a burden; blogging became a burden; too many irons in the fire just equaled a big ole mess. 

During my "time off" I really had a chance to reevaluate my priorities. I became the perfect housewife and mother and immediately lost 25 pounds. What? Hahahahaha. Wouldn't that be nice? No really, I began to rethink being a housewife and mother and I also started taking care of myself more. At the one month mark I didn't feel any different. Today, I do feel different, though. I am still disorganized. I still let my boys watch an episode of Sesame Street while I try to get something done (like write this post). I still feed my kids (blankity-blank) peanut butter sandwiches when they won't eat anything else. But I feel stronger, mentally and physically.  
I feel happy.

As you have seen, during my break I began drawing, doodling, sketching. I really don't know what to call it. I just sit down with a pen and a sketchbook and hope something good happens. I have taken advantage of social networking and shared my work. As an artist it feels so good to be able to show people what you have made. And my response really is thank you for the sweet comments on what I create. There is enough ugly stuff in the world, so I just want to add some things that are pretty.

I am back. It's not that I disappeared, but I think I am back on a more consistent basis. I want to blog, and I want it to be from my heart. I want it to edify and encourage. I don't want what I do to be for more followers, more comments, more traffic, more pins. 
I want it to be simply to connect with you and to put a smile on your face. [You may say, "I thought that is what you were doing before." And it was, but I had just gotten to a place where my intentions were mixed up.]

So, there are my thoughts. Thank you for following along and thank you for encouraging.

Life is short y'all.
Let's do something pretty while we can.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's time!

The shop is back open!
There are still so many new things I have in the works, 
but I am just doing what I can when I can.
It is a happy day.
I'll be sharing discount codes on Twitter
Instagram (@penandpaints) 
and Facebook so make sure you're connected :)