Friday, February 8, 2013

a few things on Friday 2.8.13

1. We have an addition joining our family! Baby #3 should be arriving in the late summer.

2. Charlie has declared the baby's name is going to be "Bubbles". When asked why he said it's because he loves blowing bubbles. Okay then.

3. I have already been asked if we will find out Baby #3's gender. We will. This mama needs to know if we will need to buy lots of pink or if we can use all boys' baby clothes.

4. Have you heard of this? Mr. Pen & Paint subscribes, and he shares happy news with me every week. It's a good way to stay encouraged about what's going on in the world.

5. Also, Mr. Pen & Paint (who is a middle school teacher) has started a People are Awesome Project. Every day he shares videos or stories with his students to remind them there are people in the world doing awesome things. He shared this video with them, and I thought it was cute.

6. I usually only wear my engagement/wedding rings and a ring that was my mama's, but every time I see these I get googly eyes.

7. Encourage someone today. Actually every day. When you encourage someone you never know how far it goes. I'll keep reminding you because it reminds me.

Pen & Paint Print

Happy Friday y'all!