Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a joyful life...

I welcomed saying goodbye to March. 
It was a bittersweet month filled with loss and celebration.
Now April is almost over, and I feel I am just catching my breath. 
There is so much going on.

I have been asked how I am doing a lot (and that's okay, I don't mind at all). My answer is, "I'm okay." I opened up to one friend and told her some specific things I felt. I told her parts of me were confused about why I feel the way I do about our miscarriage. Her reply was the best thing I could hear: You are supposed to feel exactly how you feel. It allowed me to accept my emotions, and be okay with however I feel each day.

I admit the distraction of the daily life with my family and Pen & Paint has been a good thing for me. There are times I wonder what I am supposed to be feeling. There are days with tears. I am so thankful for the season of Spring. The sunshine and flowers and dirt have been good for me. Okay, not the dirt, but the boys love it.

All that said, I have some happy things to share:

1. The other week I pulled out this print and put it up in my studio. I made it for The Joyful Shop last year. I just needed to look at it. I needed to be reminded to live a life of joy and thankfulness.

3. I am working on a few new prints. With flowers blooming all around be prepared for lots of pretty flowers. I'm also working to get more camera canvases in the shop so if you missed the ones I listed last week don't worry more are on the way :)

4. Stamps. How do you feel about rubber stamps with Pen & Paint illustrations on them? I can't wait to share more!

5. A couple of weekends ago I got to meet up with these ladies. I met each of them through blogging and instagram. I'm so thankful for url friend turned real life friends.

6. And in case you missed THESE are now for sale! I am so excited and honored to be working with Get Uncommon, and I hope you'll get some Pen & Paint for your iPhone ;) Which one is your favorite? ***there is a sale right now and the cases are BOGO with the code MOMSDAY 4/22-4/24***

Happy Tuesday y'all!