Monday, January 2, 2012


This is the second (or maybe third) time in 
Team Hop history a Christmas card hasn't gone out.
Well, I waited too late to get free ones from a Shutterfly offer like last year.
Then I just waited too late to even get some from a one-hour photo center.
And honestly, the thought of spending extra money on postage and cards wasn't at the top of my list.
What was at the top of my list?
Spending time alone with my husband. So instead of sending you Christmas cards we went on a day date and everything in the world was right.
But I do have a sweet Happy New Year card for you.
[see above]
I am excited about 2012.
I will turn 30 this year. What what!
I will learn new things this year.
I will be happy this year. Not that I am not happy now, 
but I want to be even happier.
That is our theme (yes, we pick themes for each year).
2012 is the year of happiness, so watch out and 
put a smile on your face.
Happy New Year friends, Happy. New. Year!