Friday, May 18, 2012

our week(s) in Instagram 5/5 - 5/17

whew. two weeks in pictures = random and imagine me spilling this all out like the micro-machine guy - don't act like you don't remember that commercial ;)
no clothes are necessary for lunch at out house, and these boys will eat an entire bag of sun chips if I let them . if you leave a basket of clean laundry in sight these boys can unfold and scatter it in 5.2 seconds . the bugs are in full effect in South Georgia so we use No Natz to try to keep them away (it works for me but those gnats won't leave the boys alone) . Etsy tweeted me!!! (that means they tweeted one of my listings to all their twitter followers and posted a link of the listing on their Facebook page - it was a big deal for this girl) . rice krispie treats are something I will never make again - I made a huge mess and had an anxiety attack in the process and of course the boys didn't even like them . the custom order turned into a print . mud baths = mid-day bubble baths . a new version of the camera print . breakfast for dessert . baby pears . packing up lots of orders and very, very thankful . cardboard rocket ships . Jack the artist and tea for me . our garden is growing - flowers on our potato, garlic and squash plants . expanding a sketch I did a few months ago (I'll be listing this one soon in several colors) . silly time with my boys . sombreros in the morning . be still and know print . allergy relief = meds, hot tea, and drawing . 869 uses for old things (on of my mother's day gifts and it was perfect for me) . my gift to my mama . Charlie the comedian . our first "fruits" from the garden

we only have one more week before Mr.Wonderful is off!
are you ready for summer?