Friday, August 3, 2012

why it matters (I found my words)

Yesterday I finally had to post on Pen & Paint's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest a message I didn't want to. 

I had to ask friends and supporters to please give credit to my work if they see it posted anywhere without credit to me or my shop. Somehow someone took one of my images or took a picture of one of my prints and put it out there on the interwebs and it has been circulating with no credit, no name, no link. I had to step up and ask people to help me.

I drew that. I sat in my bed one night and drew that. I colored it with my hands. I turned it into an art print on my computer. I chose the perfect colors for each little design.

I created to inspire, to encourage, to celebrate.

This drawing was made to hang in a little girl's bedroom. It was made to be a reminder to her as she grows that she can do anything. Her mama sent me a message telling me she now takes quotes and phrases and makes artwork around them. 
That is what inspiration looks like.

I had a customer email me after she received the print she ordered. She thanked me for the print and told me it was for her daughter who is in Recovery. Tears streamed down my face. Before I had children and discovered my ability to draw I worked in Recovery with women suffering with alcoholism and addiction. To know something I created could be a reminder for someone in that situation was an honor. 
That is what encouragement looks like. 

Yesterday, among the sadness I was feeling because of my work going around unaccredited I received a message with an order. It said the print was for a woman who had worked for five years to raise money to open a non-profit organization to help others. More tears, happy ones though.
That is what celebration looks like.

Those three stories, they are why this matters.

I didn't write the words Kobi Yamada wrote. I simply took the words and found a way to express them through my art. So truly, the image circulating, being pinned and posted and tumbled and whatever is serving it's purpose. But at the same time, it is a part of me. Something I made and any author, musician, writer, blogger, photographer, chef, designer, architect, artist, ANY creator should be credited. 

When we pour our talents and our passion into something it should be credited. For me I know where my gifts come from. I know they can be taken away. I give my credit to my Maker.

I share all this to ask for help.
If you see my work and it's not linked back to my shop or blog please post where it can be found. Don't be rude or mean. Most likely the person who posted it has no clue. They just saw it and reposted it, but help educate them. Let them know it's art someone created and where to find it.

If you use Pinterest or Facebook or Tumblr please be careful what you pin/post. There are people behind those images. People who worked hard to create something. Their work should not be altered or shared without credit. If you find something that has no source DO RESEARCH. It takes a few minutes to google something to try to find where an image came from. If you can't find the source, well, let it be. Maybe you don't need that pin or post on your page. 
And if you are an artist, shop owner, photographer please, please, please, please, please PROTECT your work. I thought I did, but obviously not enough. You worked hard and it shouldn't be taken from you.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who helps support what I do.
I am just a girl who draws.
A girl who never really thought about her cans and her plans. Seriously.
And now, what is crazy is I am literally seeing my "can'ts turned into cans and my dreams turned into plans."


  1. That is such a great post! The reasons why you do what you do is inspiring and great to hear.

    And so you should ask for credit for all the reasons you listed. May you, your work, and your inspiration continue to grow...and may you receive the proper credit that goes along with all of that!

    Keep doing what you're doing.... =)

  2. ... and it comes full circle. this was stunningly written my friend. wow.

  3. Amen sister! From someone who cannot seem to put what is in my head down on paper when I'm drawing/coloring, etc...I appreciate people like you who use the talents God has given them...I'm sorry your work was stolen...and I hope whoever did it will recognize their error and give you credit and NEVER do it to someone else.


  4. Amen, sister! From someone who is in awe of people like you who can sit and draw and color and create like this...yikes...I'm amazed at your gift and so thankful you have found a way to use it! While I'm happy that so many people are blessed by it circulating, it is sad that these people might not ever see the heart that is behind the art (YOU!) In a world where it is so easy to give credit where credit is due...there really is no excuse and I pray that the people who are blessed by your work, where credit is given or not, will find their way to you somehow so they can see that there is more than pen and paint and words here, there is a woman with a deep desire to share her gifts with the world who does it so gracefully.

  5. beautifully written.
    Completely true.
    thank you.

  6. This hits SO close to home. I can't even tell you how many times I've found my work floating around on Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. without any sort of link or attribution. So I feel your pain in a big way.

    What you do is so amazing and makes such an impact -- I will definitely keep my eyes open for chances to add credit where credit is due!


  7. This is written with so much grace. It's wonderful.

  8. awesome, lindsay. loved hearing the stories of inspiration, encouragement & celebration! so wonderful, my friend. great post with great suggestions - including to a) PROTECT YOUR WORK & b) BE NICE when mentioning something needs credit. i know the knee jerk reaction is to be P&$#ED [me. every time.] - but that person is STILL paying you an extreme compliment to like your artwork & share it with others. they LIKE you - even if they don't KNOW it's YOU/pen&paint/lindsayhopkins]. and yes, more than likely that person is NOT the one at fault, they are just giddy that they found something they love & want to share it, too. in conclusion: it's just a snowballing effect of nice people who have great taste who mean well, but are unknowingly not giving credit because they just don't know. :) sorry. xoxoxoxoxo

  9. If I ever have a problem like this, I will be linking to and sourcing this post! So well said, Lindsay. So sorry you're dealing with this!

  10. What an amazing post! So well written.


  11. beautiful post, Lindsay! I'm sorry for the sadness it's caused (and rightly so), but it's amazing to have a community looking out for you. And your artwork is amazing! I can't wait to own some prints one day!!!

  12. you are an amazing artist, that's for sure. not just a girl who draws, a girl who draws for HIM, and that's clear. :) love you, friend!

  13. this just gave me goosebumps, Lindsay. what an amazing thing to hear how YOUR beautiful work can inspire and uplift others, i think that is the coolest thing ever!! and such a good reminder for us all to stop and make sure credit is given where due. so happy i have "met you" in this great big world.

  14. Hi Lindsay, I am happy to have discovered your beautiful work! You have expressed the issue of crediting artistic sources so very well. As a fellow Etsian and creative spirit, I am very sensitive to this issue and always credit fellow Etsians, artists & artisans whenever I pin, post on Facebook & share others' works in any way. I avoid repinning if I can't identify the original source. Your graceful post reminds us all of the important responsibility we have to respect & honor every artist's contributions in this vast creative world.

  15. I read this when you wrote it but haven't been able to comment yet. So glad you wrote this out, Lindsay girl. Your work deserves the credit.

  16. I will definitely help if I see it around.

    Thank you for all of your encouragement.

  17. So happy to have found your website. I too will help if I see it around. Be blessed.

  18. Loving your words and points made here. And you weren't just asking for credit, you were connecting it with the way your heart connects with another's through your art and you reminded us what a holy thing that is. I love your last line too. :) happy weekend.

  19. I definitely saw this print (credited to ya) today online. Loved the colors so much, that I found it to be a great inspiration to grab my colored pens and draw up something like it myself using a Bible verse to decorate my baby's room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. So sorry this happened! If I see your print out there on the web I will def. Post a link back to you! Great post -thank you for sharing and its totally ok to ask for help! It's your original art work :)

  21. you said this with such grace. you have a lovely heart, linsday.

  22. I happened to stumble on your blog from a link at Crimson to Wool, and low and behold, I had a badge {unattributed} of this exact work on my blog. I'd seen it on FB and LOVED it {and now that I've seen your shop, LOVE all your other works, too} so had pinned it onto my sidebar, not really thinking about it being a print...anywho, I have since credited you with a linkback and a caption shout out - if there is anything else I should do PLEASE let me know :)

  23. Beautiful. I am thankful that you posted this because I was searching for the link to the original artist. I fixed the link to come back here. This piece inspires me and I use it for my facebook avatar...I hope this is ok. If it isnt, I will gladly removed it. It reminds me each day to strive for the good instead of letting the bad get the best of me. No problems if you would like it removed though. Blessings, Cherie

  24. Oh my gosh! You are a very talented woman and a true inspiration. I found your beautiful drawing online early this year and I saved it as the background on my phone. I had no idea that it belonged to you. In my support I will be placing an order for a print of it to hang in my house.


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