Monday, May 20, 2013

Recipe for Crazy { i heart art }

I'm excited to introduce y'all to Lesley of Recipe for Crazy today. I have to say I love the name of her shop and blog... sounds a bit like my life :)

Before I get started, I have to say thank you to Lindsay for asking me to join you all today! I do heart me some art and I heart Lindsay for her work and this series!

1. When did you first begin creating art?
I can't remember a time I wasn't creating art. From the time I could rub my fingers through paint, I was making something. My love for creating continued through high school were I took some advanced art classes. It was the teacher of those classes that told me about "communication arts" or what's now known as graphic design. See, I love the creative side to making art but I stink at the more "free-spirited" medium like painting or sculpting. After looking in to what graphic design was, I immediately fell in love. I loved the technical aspect to making art but I never thought I could make a living as an artist, you know, the whole starving artist mentality, but with graphic design, I saw that it was possible!

So I headed off to college and majored in graphic design and was even doing a little freelance work here and there. After graduation I worked at an incredible design firm and learned even more about graphic design and loved it even more. I love choosing the perfect paper or learning what letter forms work best with others and how colors impact the brain. It was the perfect mix of technology and craft.

After having my first baby, I left my position as a senior designer to be a stay at home mom. I started to miss design work and needed a creative outlet so after a few months, I opened an etsy shop to sell my designs and goodness, I have been so blessed by an insanely supportive community.

2. What is your favorite/most sentimental creation you have made? Why?

I actually have two. The first is this print.

It began as a gift to a friend and it was this print that reminded me how much I enjoy designing. After finishing it and having several requests for a copy, I made the leap to design more and open a shop.

The other is this one.

It's my most recent design and means so much to me. The quote comes from the book, Kisses from Katie, a book that changed my way of thinking about so many things. If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it. The quote is so simple but speaks so much truth for me. It was also this print that made me realize my shop had become exactly what I dreamed it could be when I decided to open it. You can read more about it here if you want.

3. Is there a project you've always dreamed of creating? What would it be?

This is probably my most favorite question of all. I've never been a dreamer but this year has changed that so much so I can honestly say I have a huge dream of creating something one day! The dream is creating a cook book. I enjoy cooking (and eating) a lot and I would love to one day write out a book of some sort with my recipes and design it from cover to cover. It makes me excited just thinking about the possibility.

Thanks again for sharing your space with me today and here's a 20% off coupon code to use in my shop until June 20: PENANDPAINTPEEPS

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Good luck!

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