Thursday, December 15, 2011

little Christmas hands and feet

Who doesn't love a little hand print or foot print ornament?
I know, stop it with the cuteness.

I got the idea from an Instagram friend, Melissa, who shared a Santa hand print ornament on an embroidery hoop. I had some little mini canvases and thought they would work perfectly for our little hands.

How to make it:
Paint the canvas a solid color and allow to dry.
Take a little hand and liberally apply red to the top part of the hand & thumb,
apply skin tone color to the middle and white to the bottom part and four fingers.
{The trick is to keep their hands flat so they don't mix the colors and you get a tie-died Santa.}
Allow to dry and add eyes, mouth, nose, eye brows.
Attach a ribbon to the back for hanging and you have the sweetest little Santa Claus you have ever seen.

Last year hand prints weren't gonna work so we made these.

I painted and stamped the boys' feet on pieces of cardboard and cut them out.
For Charlie's ornament I traced his hand prints and painted them brown for antlers.

It's so sweet having these handmade ornaments on our tree.
Have you made any? Leave a link in your comment so I can see!