Thursday, December 15, 2011

little Christmas hands and feet

Who doesn't love a little hand print or foot print ornament?
I know, stop it with the cuteness.

I got the idea from an Instagram friend, Melissa, who shared a Santa hand print ornament on an embroidery hoop. I had some little mini canvases and thought they would work perfectly for our little hands.

How to make it:
Paint the canvas a solid color and allow to dry.
Take a little hand and liberally apply red to the top part of the hand & thumb,
apply skin tone color to the middle and white to the bottom part and four fingers.
{The trick is to keep their hands flat so they don't mix the colors and you get a tie-died Santa.}
Allow to dry and add eyes, mouth, nose, eye brows.
Attach a ribbon to the back for hanging and you have the sweetest little Santa Claus you have ever seen.

Last year hand prints weren't gonna work so we made these.

I painted and stamped the boys' feet on pieces of cardboard and cut them out.
For Charlie's ornament I traced his hand prints and painted them brown for antlers.

It's so sweet having these handmade ornaments on our tree.
Have you made any? Leave a link in your comment so I can see!


  1. Aw, those canvases are adorable! What an awesome keepsake. :)

  2. Aww these are both such sweet ideas! Love them!!

  3. These santas are sooo cute!! We are definetly making some!

  4. so so cute!!!! GREAT job on the santas! this year i just had the kids paint some outlined wooden ones that have a cut out for their school photo. :) we have an artificial tree in the basement family room & that's where all the handmade / "memory lane" ones went this year. even some of MINE from when i was little! :D fun to look at!

  5. so stinkin' sweet! i love the mini canvases! the boys will be embarrassed in the future, but they're great keepsakes!

  6. again, ADORABLE! I still desperately want to make a handprint ornament of my guy, but something with a footprint might do ;) those reindeer really are the cutest! I love that they can get pulled out year after year and you can see how much little hands and feet have grown. just precious.

  7. ohmyword! those are just too cute :) i will have to remember this for later on when i have kiddos...what a great way to preserve their little handprints.


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