Friday, December 16, 2011

What to do with all those wine corks.

Surprise! It's more Christmas crafts.
I found the idea for a Christmas tree made from wine corks 
in a Martha Stewart magazine probably 6 years ago.

After saving corks for a while I decided it was time to make another one
and this time I changed it up a bit.

Make it happen:
You need a large Styrofoam cone, a hot glue gun, 
a knife that will cut through cork, 
and about 85 wine corks and one champagne cork.
Starting at the bottom hot glue each cork vertically to the cone 
until you make one row.
Change it up and hot glue two rows horizontally.
Continue until you have reached the top.
Hot glue a champagne cork to cover the top of the cone.
Because each wine cork is different you may end up with a gap in your row. You can take a sharp knife and cut a cork to fit the gap, or if you are like me you can just leave the gap and make sure the tree is angled just right on your mantle so no one can see it.

Most likely you are not going to have 85 corks lying around...
unless you are like me and like to hoard save them for craft projects.
But you can start saving for next year, 
and have your friends save their corks too.
You never know when you might need to make something out of corks.