Monday, April 30, 2012

Make Something Pretty - easy flower hoop art

When I was going through my craft stuff Friday afternoon 
I found an empty embroidery hoop and a fun variety of felt.
I thought a rainbow bloom would be fun to make, but I didn't want to have to sit and stitch with embroidery thread. That would just take me forever.
I pulled out the hot glue gun and scissors and got to work during nap time.

What you need to make this:
embroidery hoop (I think mine is like 8 inches), fabric,
hot glue gun, scissors, button, felt, a little free time
{my felt is wool felt I found in this shop}

Let's make it happen:
Stretch fabric & place in embroidery hoop. 
Begin cutting felt for outer layer of petals.
Place petals of outer layer on fabric to determine how many you will need for each layer (I cut 17 petals for each layer and made 7 layers).
Hot glue outer layer of petals onto fabric.
Continue with each layer of petals (cutting each layer just a little smaller than the previous), and gluing them in place on top of the previous layer.
Once you get to the last two layers of petals you may not be able to fit all 17 petals, 
just use what you need.
Find a button large enough to cover the center part of your bloom & glue it in place.
Cut excess fabric around hoop leaving about half an inch.
Hot glue remaining fabric to back side of hoop.
Ta-da! You have pretty hoop art for your wall.

Make something pretty and share what you make!

And now for the winner of the State/Country Love print:
I'll email you. Who says #1 never wins!?