Friday, August 9, 2013

Back-to-School FREE Printable { & a fun teacher gift }

The boys start school soon, and I want to give their new teachers a sweet, handmade back-to-school gift.
I decided on clothespin magnets. The word "teacher" just happens to have seven letters so ROYGBIV worked perfectly.

To make these you need about 20 minutes, a hot glue gun, scrabble tiles, clothespins (regular sized 3" L), magnetic tape, and scissors.
Luckily I had this fun set of rainbow clothespins in my craft stash. I'm not sure where they are from but I found these (I'll be ordering some more). You could paint your own clothespins OR save time and use washi tape to cover them like this.

Make it happen:
-hot glue the scrabble tiles right above the hinge on each clothespin
(I chose to go in ROYGBIV order so "T" went on red, "E" on orange, etc.)
-cut 1.5" strips of the magnet tape for each clothespin
-hot glue the magnetic strips to the back of the clothespins so the magnet is on the lower portion
So simple and cute!

[A few notes: Remove the waxed paper white strip stuff on the magnetic tape to expose the sticky layer. Then be sure to hot glue and not just use the sticky part of the magnet tape; it lasts about a week and then your clothespins will be falling off. The magnetic tape is wider than my clothespins, don't worry about it. If you glue the strip to the lower portion of the clothespin once you clip something to hang you can't see the magnet.]

My friend Crystal had the idea to make a "get to know your teacher" card for her boys' back-to-school teacher gifts, so I created a fun, FREE printable for y'all to use.
All you have to do is print, cut, fill out your child's teacher's name, let your child sign it, and it's ready to give with a gift.
I printed the card I used the clothespin magnets I made and attached the card to a piece of sturdy kraft board (card board or foam board will work too). 

You can download the printable here
Be sure to fit to page when printing.
I hope y'all have a great new {school} year!